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Qualität und Flexibilität für den Einsatz auf Reisen

Bei den CARVAO Reisestativen hat CULLMANN besonderen Wert auf die verarbeiteten Materialien gelegt: Die Stative sind komplett aus CNC-gefrästem Aluminium gefertigt; die Stativbeine aus 8-lagigem Vollcarbon gemacht. Damit sind die Stative robust und leicht zugleich – ideale Voraussetzungen für ein Reisestativ.  » more


Videostative für ruckfreie Schwenks

Die neuen TERRA Videostative mit dem 2-Wege-Fluid-Kopf garantieren ruckfreie Kameraschwenks und zuverlässige Stabilität, die für Videofans so wichtig sind.
Verwackelte Aufnahmen gehören jetzt der Vergangenheit an.  » more


Stable, light and compact. And even appealing!

Mundo (Spanish) means the world and this is how the new tripod range presents itself. Compact in size, low weight, high stability, everything a tripod should have, so that you can take it wherever you go. Discover the world with MUNDO. Choose from two different sizes, four different colours, aluminium or carbon. » more


Preis und Qualität – das sind für viele Fotografen die entscheidenden Faktoren. Mit der neuen Stativserie CROSS wird beides in einer idealen Kombination erfüllt. Dabei kommt die Vielfalt bei der Auswahl nicht zu kurz: In der Reihe sind insgesamt acht verschiedene Dreibeinstative mit Kugelkopf oder 3-Wege-Kopf erhältlich. » more


The new mini travel tripods NEOMAX present a totally new definition for the term “small” and, thanks to their compact and light design, are the ideal “always-at-hand-tripod”. Perfectly suitable for CSC or high quality compact cameras. » more
All TITAN tripods have one thing in common. They are of a unique design, made of especially strong and outdoor compliant materials and have the necessary weight for use with heavy cameras. This way they provide the user with a reliable basis for jitter-free shots and are the ideal tripods, not only for professional nature photographers and videographers. » more
All CONCEPT ONE tripods impress with low weight, operating comfort and high quality. Besides a vast amount of different tripod models made of aluminium and carbon, it also includes the two new 3-way heads with the new OXC QRC-System. » more


The REVOMAX tripod series above all impresses with its unique design, but also with its versatility and stability. The titanium coloured, anodized aluminium trapezoidal section gives the tripods their unmistakable appearance. The ergonomically shaped tripod leg clips and the convenient centre column clamping ensures secure standing and comfortable adjustment.  » more


High stability, compact dimensions and a modern design

The new tripod range MAGNESIT X features reliable tripod leg clamping by means of clip lock, sturdy tripod legs made of anodized aluminium section, a divisible centre column for ground level macro shooting and a robust aluminium tripod star for maximum stability. » more
NANOMAX tripods represent quality, versatility and detail solution. For newcomers and level climbing or changing enthusiasts, for photographers and videographers, for landscape and portrait photography, the new NANOMAX series 4 impresses right from the start. And with 10 years warranty. » more
PRIMAX tripods primarily stand for an outstanding price/performance ratio in this class. Featuring a benefits of a stable tripod and with a 3 year warranty, the new PRIMAX tripod series does not leave any wishes unfulfilled. » more
All the tripods in this series are equipped with a 3-way pan head including quick release system and will impress photographers and video enthusiasts with their outstanding price/performance ratio. » more


Ideal when you're on the move

They look good, fit in your jacket pocket and are extremely useful. In spite of their minimal size and weight, they offer the necessary stability and security for use with compact cameras. » more


Stable and practical

CULLMANN monopods are characterised by generously dimensioned anodised aluminium tube legs, secure leg clamping plus suitable monopod heads. Ideal for shooting with long focal lengths. » more


For all eventualities

Whether you're looking for a suitable clamp tripod, suction tripod, video chestpod, car pod or a stable light/microphone tripod, CULLMANN's specialty tripods will meet all your requirements. » more
MAGIC flat tripods reflect CULLMANN's high level of expertise. They are the perfect travel tripods for photographers and video enthusiasts and will impress with their size and stability. Experience the world of MAGIC! » more