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Perfect protection for extreme challenges - the new CULLMANN PROTECTOR camera bag range

21. September 2010

Langenzenn (Germany), 21st September 2010 – Designed for ultimate outdoor use, the three robustly padded backpack models of the PROTECTOR range protect sensitive photographic equipment securely.

EVA foam material which is used specially for motorcycle protective clothing, coated with nylon fibre, forms the basis of the durable, water resistant protective covering of the PROTECTOR bags. The PROTECTOR design follows that of back protectors worn to protect the spinal column which are used in extreme sports in particular. The bags reliably absorb hard knocks and collisions with sharp edges thanks to their special material composition and their ergonomic design.

The CrossPack 350 and CrossPack 450 models already show their properties in the name alone. A comfortable shoulder strap which is worn diagonally makes direct access to the camera possible without any need to take the bag off. The third model in the series, the PROTECTOR BackPack 500 is the classic rucksack variant with two shoulder straps. Both carrying systems can be adapted for carrying comfort matching the shape of your body and they have breathable back padding and a chest strap for additional stability. A combination of robust nylon and supple neoprene material make the carrying grip of the PROTECTOR bags pleasant and secure in the hand.

The soft, well-padded inner area of the bag can be arranged in a variety of ways for the camera equipment thanks to flexible flaps. The QUICKACCESS SYSTEM enables rapid access to the camera. Here convenient Velcro fasteners allow you to open the camera compartment safely so that you can remove the camera quickly, while preventing the other accessories from accidentally falling out.

An additional exterior compartment provides practical storage opportunities for photographic and travel equipment and the integrated organiser with its cleverly designed storage principle is suitable for memory cards. The practical ATTACH SYSTEM allows additional bags such as lens cases to be easily and securely fastened to the outer sides of the PROTECTOR backpacks.

In poor weather zips with concealed stitching, large support feet on the base of the bag and a precisely fitting rain cape with an integrated elastic band provide protection against dust or moisture.

The PROTECTOR photo backpacks are supplied in a grey-black shade with small turquoise blue applications both inside and outside.


  • Ultimate protection of camera equipment due to the special mix of materials and shape of the innovative PROTECTOR SYSTEM
  • Extremely durable and water-resistant outer material
  • Zips with concealed stitching which protect against dust and moisture
  • Breathable back padding of the carrying systems
  • QUICKACCESS SYSTEM for quick and safe access to the camera/video camera
  • Securing of additional bags by means of ATTACH SYSTEM
  • Precisely fitting waterproof rain cover with integrated elastic band
  • Large robust support feet on the bottom of the bag

Availability: It is intended that the PROTECTOR photo backpacks CrossPack 350, CrossPack 450 and BackPack 500 will be available in stores from Oct/Nov 2010.