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Integrated radio control for more creativity: The new CUlight FR 60 flash from CULLMANN

14. September 2016

Langenzenn, 14 September 2016 - An external flash not only creates better light conditions, it also gives photographers the opportunity to lift their creativity to new levels. With the new CUlight FR 60 the accessories specialist CULLMANN triggers the market launch of a flash, which, thanks to its integrated radio control, does not leave any wishes for an optimal light design unfulfilled.

The number 60 in the product name thereby represents the high maximum flash factor of 60 at ISO 100 - which means, that the CUlight FR60 will perfectly illuminate even large distances. Operation of the flash is intuitive via the well legible display. This illuminated dot-matrix display is graphics enabled and has a high resolution.

The radio control integrated in the flash makes the CUlight FR60 the ideal partner for most different shooting variants, when “flash” is concerned. In TTL, manual and stroboscope mode the user can thereby choose between the optical and the 2.4 GHz radio remote controlled operation. With the radio control integrated in the CUlight FR60 Slave flashes can be triggered over a distance of 100 meters – without any line-of-sight connection and, if required, also around corners and through closed doors. Thanks to the individual programming of up to five different groups and 32 different channels, a large number of flashes can be triggered at the same time. This enables the creation of exceptional flashing effects – from portrait photography up to the illumination of large motifs. Another possibility for using the 2.4 GHz radio control is the control of the CUlight FR60 as Slave flash.

The CUlight FR 60 flash is a product of the latest flash technology. Should software updates be required in the future, these can be loaded via the integrated USB interface. The CUlight FR 60 is available in three different versions – for cameras from Canon, Nikon and Sony. Each version supports the camera specific TTL modes. Apart from that, the flash can also be operated manually or in stroboscope mode.

The flash is of a high technical standard, which is a common fact at CULLMANN. This includes, among others, the short-time synchronization of 1/8000 of a second, the large zooming range from 20 to 200 mm and the integrated wide angle diffusing screen for 14 mm illumination. For indirect flashing the reflector of the flash can be tilted horizontally by 360 degree and vertically from -7 to 90 degree. However, in order to generate a forward radiating light, the diffuser disc integrated in the flash head can be folded out.

The CUlight FR 60 takes its power from four batteries or powerpacks. For even higher numbers of flashes and shorter flash follow-up times one can use the optional CUlight Power Pack PP 4500 as an external power supply.

The powerful CUlight Power Pack PP 4500 is based on state-of-the-art lithium power-pack technology. It is the ideal accessory for outdoor use – also for professional applications. This gives press and event photographers an extremely powerful power source for frequent flashes in short intervals. The powerpack section of the Power Pack can be simply pulled off and replaced by a spare powerpack. The Power Pack is able to operate two devices at the same time. Connecting cables for flashes from CULLMAN, Canon, Nikon and Metz from the CULLMANN product range. The product range also includes connecting cables to the CULLMANN CUlight video lamps as well as USB devices.

However, this is not yet the end of the list of new CULLMANN CUlight accessories. Softbox kits, lamp tripods as well as a modern, radio-controlled TTL trigger system round of the range of accessories.

Two softbox kits are available. Each kit contains a unfoldable softbox and a flash holder. The SB 6060 kit comes with a 60 x 60 cm and the SB 4040 Kit with a 40 x 40 cm softbox. The flash holder has an individually adjustable clamping receptacle for compact flashes, like the CULLMABB CUlight FR 60. This gives users the opportunity to quickly and simply set up a compact and powerful flash system. Thanks to the Bowens compatible bayonet on the flash holder it is possible to connect many attachments that are available on the market. The softbox reduces disturbing hard flashlight or shadows and creates a soft and even illumination. This in particular pays off in portrait and beauty photography or when photographing small products.

With the two lamp tripods LS 2000 and LS 2500 CULLMANN offers the perfect supplement for studio and outdoor photography. While the LS 2000 comes with a maximum extension of 216 cm, the LS 2500 can be extended up to 308 cm – paving the path for the ideal illumination. Air dampened extensions ensure safe lowering of the light source. A standard 3/8 inch spigot connection and a 1/4 inch thread for fastening studio flashes or LED lamps of up to 6 kg enable the use of various light sources, just as required.

Least but not last CULLMANN rounds off its extensive photo light accessory range with the new CUlight RT 500 transmitters and RR 500 receivers. Thanks to the 2.4 GHz radio remote control these transmitters and receivers are available as individual items, optionally for Canon, Nikon and Sony compatible flashes. The radio remote control can be used in both manual as well as stroboscope operation.

With the RT 500 transmitter on the camera, the CUlight FR 60 flash can be controlled as Slave, independently from the camera. Even flashes from other manufacturers, which have no such radio remote control integrated, can be controlled by the transmitter, if the RR 500 receiver is placed under it. Thanks to up to 5 groups and 32 channels, a large number of flashes can be triggered at the same time. In manual flashing mode, the trigger system can also be used with all studio flashes. Should software updates for transmitter or receiver be required in the future, these can be loaded via the integrated USB interfaces.

Features of the CUlight FR 60 flash:

  • High flash factor of 60 at ISO 100 and 200 mm illumination
  • Wireless 2.4 GHz radio remote control (TTL, manual, stroboscope)
  • USB interface for software updates
  • Three variants available (Canon, Nikon and Sony)
  • Large illuminated dot-matrix display
  • Vertically and horizontally tiltable reflector
  • Motor zoom from 20 to 200 mm
  • Wide angle diffuser screen for 14 mm integrated
  • TTL, manual and stroboscope operation
  • Wide accessories portfolio

Features of the Power Pack CUlight PP 4500:

  • External power supply with powerful lithium powerpack
  • Up to 1,800 full flashes with shorter rest after flashing
  • Optional connecting cable for numerous devices
  • Charge condition display via LEDs
  • Two output sockets for the simultaneous connection of two devices
  • Detachable powerpack

Features of the radio transmitter CUlight RT 500:

  • Three variants available (Canon, Nikon and Sony)
  • Wireless 2.4 GHz radio remote control (TTL, manual, stroboscope)
  • Illuminated LC-Display
  • USB interface for software updates

Features of the radio receiver CUlight RR 500:

  • Three variants available (Canon, Nikon and Sony)
  • Wireless 2.4 GHz radio reception (TTL, manual, stroboscope)
  • Illuminated LC-Display
  • USB interface for software updates

Flash unit CUlight FR 60
Power Pack CUlight PP 4500
Power Pack spare CUlight B 4500
Power Pack connecting cable
Radio trigger kit CUlight 500
Radio transmitter CUlight RT 500
Radio receiver CUlight RR 500
Softbox kit CUlight SB 6060 kit
Softbox kit CUlight SB 4040 kit
Lamp tripod LS 2500
Lamp tripod LS 2000

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