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Success in series: CULLMANN introduces eight new CONCEPT ONE tripods

21. February 2014

Langenzenn (Germany), 21 February 2014 – Following the successful market launch of the CONCEPT ONE 622T, Cullmann now goes one better – with a complete tripod range with a total of eight models.

With the CONCEPT ONE 622T CULLMANN had proven that both development and design “Made in Germany” were able to equally convince users and press. Now they are succeeded by eight new models of the CONCEPT ONE range. With the new CONCEPT ONE tripod range and the new heads, development of quality on the highest level, supplemented by intuitive operation and an own, general design with a high brand recognition value, were top priority - just as with the CONCEPT ONE 622T.

The CONCEPT ONE range comprises the three basic models CONCEPT ONE 622, 625 and 628. The models on the one hand vary by the diameter of the top tripod leg (22, 25 and 28 mm), and on the other by the tripod leg material, Aluminium or Carbon – and, as usual for CULLMANN, these models come with a sturdy foam padding of the top tripod leg. The models of range 622 are only available in combination with the 3-way head OT35. For the ranges 625 and 628 the customer can choose between versions with or without tripod head. The model  625M OT35 offers the complete package: Tripod with removable monopod and 3-way head CONCEPT ONE OT35 with camera QRC System OXC.

All tripods are delivered  with the aluminium die cast tripod star with integrated  bubble level. The 3-fold tripod leg adjustment with macro-position and additional short centre column enables ground level shooting. With the robust quick-action screw clamps the tripods can be quickly and safely assembled and disassembled. The centre column hook, which can be swivelled by 360°, serves the purpose of attaching an additional weight for even more stability.

For an even better stand of the tripod in impassable terrain, the model ranges 625 and 628 are delivered with additional robust stainless steel metal spikes. The tripod legs can be folded up by 180 degrees to achieve an even shorter packing dimension for transportation.

The 3-way heads with the new camera QRC CONCEPT ONE OXC are new in the CONCEPT ONE range. Two different models – the compact 3-way  head CONCEPT ONE OT35 and the extremely sturdy 3-way head CONCEPT ONE OT38 – were developed to meet the different requirements  of the users. Also the two 3-way heads and the camera-QRC were developed by CULLMANN and are completely made of aluminium. All control levers are ergonomically shaped and designed for practical use and, together with the well legible adjusting scale, enable precise working. The highlight: On both 3-way heads the control levers can be folded against the tripod for transportation and secured with strong ropes against loss.
The integrated and Arca-compatible camera-QRC CONCEPT ONE OXC on both 3-way heads OT35  and OT38 has also been newly developed by CULLMANN. Three different camera plates with lengths of 35, 90 and 200 mm enable secure mounting of cameras for different applications. The new CONCEPT ONE range primarily targets ambitious amateurs with light to heavy DSLR camera equipment, mirrorless camera systems as well as bridge cameras and camcorders.
Matching tripod bags are additionally available for all models as accessory.

Features of the CONCEPT ONE tripod range:

  • Developed and designed by Cullmann
  • Tripod legs and centre column made of anodized aluminium or carbon
  • Aluminium die cast tripod star with integrated bubble level
  • 3-fold tripod leg angle adjustment incl. macro position
  • Quick assembly and dismantling by means of quick action screw clamps
  • Short packing dimension: tripod legs can be folded by 180° for transport
  • Additional short centre column for ground-level shots
  • Top tripod legs with robust foam padding to protect against cold and damage
  • Centre column hook rotatable by 360 degree to fasten an additional weight
  • Series 625 and 628 with stainless steel spikes for use in impassable terrain
  • Matching tripod bags available (for all models)
  • 10 year warranty

Features of the 3-way head:

  • Developed and designed by Cullmann
  • Completely made of aluminium die-cast
  • Separate and reliable clamping of all three ways
  • Ergonomic control levers for practice oriented working
  • Control levers  foldable and lockable for transport
  • Well legible scales for precise working
  • New integrated camera-QRC CONCEPT ONE OXC
  • With Arca compatible QRC-system
  • 10 year warranty


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