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21. September 2010 |

Growing success. The two successful MAGNESIT models MAGNESIT 525 and MAGNESIT 525M now available with ball head CB7.3

MAGNESIT tripods rely on stable ball heads and increase the MAGNESIT product portfolio by two new models. The successful 525 family of the MAGNESIT tripod line, with the top-of-the-range model MAGNESIT 525M with integrated monopod and the MAGNESIT 525 with aluminium centre column, will as from now be delivered with the robust ball head CB7.3 from the CULLMANN CROSS series. [more]

21. September 2010 |

Whether large or small – compact cameras will have a safe place in the three new camera pockets of the CULLMANN ULTRALIGHT CP Compact 100/200/300.

The new CULLMANN ULTRALIGHT CP pocket series, presented in May this year gets an elegant second wave with the different Compact Models 100/200 and 300. Especially designed for compact cameras of different sizes, they can also be used to store mobile phones, GPS navigation devices or other electronic gadgets[more]

21. September 2010 |

The small black item for photographic equipment - the new CULLMANN SIENA bags

With four models the classically cut bags of the new SIENA series house photographic equipment of varying sizes safely in robust, waterproof nylon material.[more]

21. September 2010 |

Brand new size and colour! CULLMANN LAGOS Compact Hardcases now in petrol and as Compact 400.

The CULLMANN LAGOS Compact Hardcase series is now available in trendy petrol. Ideal for secure storage and transportation of compact cameras, mobiles and MP3 players, thanks to the tried and tested DOUBLE PROTECTION SYSTEM. The LAGOS Compact 400, now in dark blue as well as black, is all-encompassing, designed in particular with smartphones and other flat electronic gadgets in mind.[more]

21. September 2010 |

CULLMAN LAGOS goes bigger! The successful series of hard cases for compact cameras gives immediate protection to System, Bridge and DSLR cameras.

With the two hard case models LAGOS Action and LAGOS Vario, CULLMAN is offering the advantage of the proven DOUBLE PROTECTION SYSTEM from the compact camera field to the owners of Bridge, System and small DSLR cameras. Ultimate protection against impact and being dropped, thanks to a double inner lining.[more]

21. September 2010 |

Multi-function tripod for photo and videography – the new MAGNESIT COPTER from CULLMANN

The MAGNESIT COPTER links both worlds – the worlds of photography and of videography. The MAGNESIT COPTER is therefore fully geared up for the new DSLR cameras with additional video function. With the tripod legs folded in, the sturdy multi-function tripod in combination with the ball head can be perfectly well used as video hand support. [more]

21. September 2010 |

Good news from MAGNESIT: Small, stable and mobile – the compact travel tripod CULLMANN MAGNESIT 522T for high-quality photography / videography.

The letter T in the model designation of the MAGNESIT 522T already reveals what this tripod is meant for. T stands for Travel and that is what the CULLMANN MAGNESIT 522T is extremely well suited for. Together with the ball head CB5.1 it is as light as only 1.7 kg and, with its packed dimension of only 39 cm, it can be perfectly stowed. [more]

21. September 2010 |

LIMA DayPack versions – CULLMANN extending its successful travel photography backpack series

CULLMANN is extending its LIMA photography backpack series to include two DayPack models for carrying small to medium-sized camera equipment safely. Practical features, extremely robust padding, a comfortable carry system and water-repellent nylon material are the highlights of the new LIMA DayPack series. [more]

21. September 2010 |

New NANOMAX family members. NANOMAX 200T for travels and NANOMAX 260 with CB6.3 for ball head fans.

Two new tripods were added to the CULLMANN NANOMAX family. The new travel tripod NANOMAX 200T with ball head CB5.1, with a packed dimension of only 28 cm and as light as only 700 grams, guarantees 100 percent outdoor. The second new NANOMAX tripod is the model NANOMAX 260 with ball head CB6.3 from the CULLMANN CX series.[more]

21. September 2010 |

Flexibility meets Stability. The new MAGNESIT tripods with QUICKSHIFT SYSTEM offer unlimited centre column adjustment for fascinating pictures.

CULLMANN enables quick and simple tripod adjustments with maximum freedom of movement, thanks to the vertically and horizontally slewable centre column. With its precise and versatile adjustment possibilities the newly developed QUICKSHIFT SYSTEM offers a vast range of creative freedom for taking repro photos as well as for ambitious macro and architectural photography. [more]

21. September 2010 |

Perfect protection for extreme challenges - the new CULLMANN PROTECTOR camera bag range

Designed for ultimate outdoor use, the three robustly padded backpack models of the PROTECTOR range protect sensitive photographic equipment securely.[more]

21. May 2010 |

Flyweights with secure, robust padding – the new ULTRALIGHT CP camera bags from CULLMANN

The ten models in the new ULTRALIGHT CP range of camera bags, with multiple interior padding and additional bag features, offer secure transportation and storage space for DSLRs, digital cameras, camcorders and accessories.[more]

10. May 2010 |

MADE IN GERMANY – the new MAGNESIT MB ball heads from CULLMANN

MAGNESIT MB tripods are all ‘Made in Germany’, thus guaranteeing the highest levels of precision and quality. The new MB ball heads, developed by CULLMANN, impress with their innovative technology and contemporary design. The range consists of five different models made of aluminium and with an abrasion-resistant powder-coated finish.[more]

07. May 2010 |

LIMA – the new outdoor photo backpacks from CULLMANN

With sophisticated features, extremely robust padding and water-repellent nylon material, the new LIMA photo backpacks from CULLMANN offer outdoors-loving photographers secure protection for a large amount of camera equipment.[more]

30. April 2010 |

The CULLMANN CB range – new ball heads made from aluminium

The CULLMANN CB ball head range consists of three new ball heads made of anodised aluminium, which are particularly suitable for cameras ranging from small compacts to medium-sized DSLRs.[more]

29. April 2010 |

Minimalist design – ELBA, the new compact photo cases from CULLMANN

With flexible, soft neoprene material in clean lines, ELBA cases can protect compact cameras, MP3 players or mobile phones. A useful detail – the side-mounted loop enables ELBA to be tied to a beach bag, for example.[more]

09. April 2010 |

Fresh colour scheme for CULLMANN VIGO photo backpack

The CULLMANN VIGO range of photo backpacks, now available in a new and striking colour variant of grey/blue, provide space for a digital SLR camera with lens attached.[more]

17. March 2010 |

CULLMANN expands its product line with anti-static microfibre cloths and neoprene memory card bags.

To ensure a clear view, new microfibre cloths are available from CULLMANN in two different sizes and materials. And for the secure storage of memory cards it is offering bags made from soft neoprene.[more]

08. March 2010 |

Feminine purple or cool street camouflage – the colourful LAGOS range of bags from CULLMANN

With new bright purple and unusual red/grey camouflage variants, a fresh wind is blowing through the colour range of CULLMANN LAGOS hard cases. These colourful cases are the perfect solution for the safe storage and transportation of digital cameras, mobile phones or MP3 players.[more]

25. February 2010 |

The practical bag for the hip – VIGO HipPack: the new camera bag from CULLMANN

Made from an extremely durable and water-repellent nylon material, the CULLMANN VIGO HipPack 300 bags provide optimum protection for compact cameras, the new generation of space-saving camcorders, and also sat navs and mobile phones.[more]

18. February 2010 |

The all-inclusive tripod. For price-conscious photographers and video enthusiasts

Both PRIMAX tripods, the PRIMAX 150 and the PRIMAX 180, offer complete all-round equipment with a compact 3-way head, camera quick release system, smooth crank column, practical tripod bag and a 3-year warranty.[more]

19. January 2010 |

CULLMANN discovers the check pattern - the new BERLIN range of bags.

With their minimalist design, the new BERLIN Compact and BERLIN Vario camera bags are fashionable and trendy.[more]

14. January 2010 |

Outdoor meets lifestyle – the new CULLMANN DOVER camera bag.

The new DOVER camera bag from CULLMANN represents a variable bag concept. Durable nylon or elegant leather, according to your personal taste and how you use the bag.[more]

25. November 2009 |

Camera bag or leisure bag - the MADRID camera bag can be both!

Safely packed in soft fleece - whether a DSLR with lens attached plus two additional lenses, or just a compact camera, wallet, mobile phone, MP3 player etc.[more]

20. November 2009 |

Classic on the outside, colourful on the inside – the new CULLMANN SYDNEY camera bags.

In spite, or perhaps because, of this grey time of year, the fresh bright colours of the lining – orange, purple and blue – evoke memories of summer.[more]

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