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11. September 2012 |

Multi-functional: The new tripods MAGNESIT COPTER CB2.3 and MAGNESIT COPTER mobile

CULLMANN extends the line of MAGNESIT COPTER table/hand tripods by another two innovative products.[more]

11. September 2012 |

Two in one: The new MAGNESIT 580ST monopod no-hands foothold

For heavy cameras and, thanks to the integrated foot, the new MAGNESIT 580ST monopod is perfectly suited for fixing lamps or microphones.[more]

11. September 2012 |

Small, light, practical: The new CROSS accessories from CULLMANN for compact camera systems

The new ball head, the Quick-Release System unit and the Quick-Release System plate supplement the existing CROSS series, especially in view of mirrorless system cameras.[more]

10. September 2012 |

Even more flexibility: Three new sets expand CULLMANN's FLEXX system

CULLMANN's new FLEXX sets are smart solutions, developed for many different application scenarios.[more]

10. September 2012 |

And shoot: CULLMANN's new camera carrying system – BeltPod sets

With both flexible camera carrying systems BeltPod Quick-Set and BeltPod Multi-Set, photography and filming on the go will be faster and more stable.[more]

10. September 2012 |

A useful helper: CULLMANN expands its CONCEPT ONE OX range with an additional bracket set

The CONCEPT ONE OX399 L-bracket set allows you to quickly switch from landscape to portrait mode and provides an entrance into panoramic photography.[more]

10. September 2012 |

Useful helpers: New accessories from CULLMANN

CULLMANN expands its accessory range with a new ball head, two tube clamps and a suction pod for smartphones.[more]

06. September 2012 |

Design and versatility: The new ATLANTA bag range

With its new ATLANTA bag range, CULLMANN offers a multi-functional concept which can adapt to meet very different needs. The new ATLANTA bag range is a perfect combination of a sturdy, flexible camera back and a modern messenger case.[more]

06. September 2012 |

Sporty photography: The new GARDA SportsPack 400 combines sport and photography

Photographers, who often like to be on the go in a sporty way, now no longer need to make a decision as the new GARDA SportsPack 400 is a sport and photography backpack in one. The quick access to the camera is from the side, so that the backpack need not be set down to take the camera out.[more]

06. September 2012 |

Simply convincing: The new DUBAI bag range

With DUBAI, CULLMANN brings a range of bags onto the market that is quite simply just a camera bag. The DUBAI range of bags is aimed at ambitious photographers and videographers who place value on a simple, classic bag. It is particularly suited for mirrorless system cameras.[more]

06. September 2012 |

Discreet and natural: The new DARWIN bag range

Natural material define the design of the DARWIN bags, which only look like a camera bag at the second glance. The outer material is made of 100% sturdy linen. To add stability and for looks, real leather has been incorporated too. Through this combination the DARWIN bags are both a lifestyle accessory and a camera bag.[more]

06. September 2012 |

PAROS: New range of bags for price-conscious photography beginners

The new PAROS bag range from CULLMANN offers a versatile range of practical bags with quick access. The PAROS bags are well padded and made of a hardwearing, water-repellent outer material. A common feature on all the bags is that the bag opening is away from the body.[more]

06. September 2012 |

A new addition to the LIMA backpacks: the new LIMA Trolley 620+

CULLMANN expands its existing LIMA range with the LIMA Trolley 620+, a stable trolley bag for photographic/ video equipment and luggage. The lining is soft and abrasion-resistant, so that the equipment is well protected.[more]

04. September 2012 |

CUMA – CULLMANN MASTER CLASS: CULLMANN's new professional bag range for the highest standards of quality and function

With its CUMA bags, CULLMANN offers professionals the best solution for safely storing large camera equipment and accessories.[more]

01. August 2012 |

CONCEPT ONE OX: CULLMANN's new camera Quick-release coupling system

The new camera QRC System*, CONCEPT ONE OX, offers the security that photographers and videographers demand for their high-value camera equipment.[more]

01. August 2012 |

TITAN accessories from CULLMANN: Practical and of excellent quality

CULLMANN expands its TITAN range with its practical helpers; the TITAN TC90 clamp and the TITAN TX665 spikes. Quality and user benefit: This promise is met by the TITAN accessories.[more]

01. August 2012 |

Precise, stable and safe: CULLMANN's TITAN tripod heads

Four new TITAN ball heads and two new TITAN 2-way heads are the perfect partners for all CULLMANN TITAN tripods. And for all other manufacturers. The camera is safely and precisely positioned which, coupled with the ease of handling and intuitive operation, is a must for all good tripod heads. The new TITAN ball and 2-way heads give you exactly these characteristics.[more]

01. August 2012 |

Stable, sturdy and unique: CULLMANN's TITAN range of tripods

CULLMANN offers professional and ambitious photographers and videographers a unique companion with its new TITAN tripods. All TITAN tripods have one thing in common: They are made in Germany, unique in their operation and uncompromisingly heavy. As a result of their massive weight, they give a vibration-free, steady base when taking shots using heavy cameras with high-speed objective lenses.[more]

30. July 2012 |

Steady. When you need it. CULLMANN defines new market segment with TITAN series

Animal or landscape pictures in stormy, rainy weather or creative product images in the studio. The new TITAN series by CULLMANN is unshakeable, uncompromisingly heavy and therefore ideal for medium format or professional DSLR cameras with high-speed telephoto lenses or for video cameras. Designed and manufactured in Germany with greatest possible care and featuring an engraved serial number – CULLMANN grants 20 years manufacturer's warranty on all TITAN products.[more]

29. May 2012 |

A classic principle with a modern interpretation: The new AMSTERDAM bag range

With its AMSTERDAM bag range, CULLMANN has transferred the proven functional and design principle of medical bags to camera bags, and in a departure away from mainstream design, has given a classic design a totally new interpretation.[more]

10. April 2012 |

NANOMAX 230T CB6.1: new travel tripod for the CULLMANN NANOMAX range

With the new NANOMAX 230T CB6.1 CULLMANN meets customers' demands and adds a travel tripod with a larger maximum working height to the NANOMAX range.[more]

10. April 2012 |

PANAMA Action 90: CULLMANN expands existing PANAMA bag range

With the new PANAMA Action 90 CULLMANN offers a model which is particularly suitable for mirrorless system cameras. Handling of the bag is simple and convenient, ensured by the sturdy, padded handle and the adjustable shoulder strap. The strong padding offers a high level of protection for the camera.[more]

21. March 2012 |

Convenient and variable: The new TORONTO bag range from CULLMANN

With smaller equipment, photographers and videographers will never have to sacrifice convenience again when and about with TORONTO bags. CULLMANN is launching the new TORONTO range of bags, primarily suitable for camcorders, system cameras with flat, thin 'pancake' lenses, bridge and compact cameras, and their accessories.[more]

20. March 2012 |

“Coloured pencils in water” wins first place in the CULLMANN FLEXX photo competition

CULLMANN congratulates the winners and thanks all participants for their creative contributions.[more]

14. February 2012 |

The hard shell case for compact cameras: The new C-SHELL bags from CULLMANN

The C-SHELL bags focus on safety. Their sturdy hard shell made from recycled material keeps the compact camera safe on the go while clever details provide practical handling.[more]