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18. February 2015 |

Casually and safely out and about with the new ULTRALIGHT sports DayPack 300

The new backpack from CULLMANN is perfectly suitable for outdoor use for amateur photographers and videographers who are keen on sports. With the new ULTRALIGHT sports DayPack 300 CULLMANN has set a clear target, in the interest of its customers: The development of a light but also robust backpack, which offers its users the highest level of comfort and safety.[more]

11. September 2014 |

CULLMANN extends its Hybrid ball head range with the new CONCEPT ONE OH6.5

At the photokina CULLMANN presents the new CONCEPT ONE OH6.5, the currently heaviest model of this range. With the CONCEPT ONE OH6.5 hybrid ball head CULLMANN supplements its range of Hybrid ball heads – with the previous models OH2.5(V) and OH4.5(V) – now with the top model CONCEPT ONE OH6.5(V). [more]

11. September 2014 |

CONCEPT ONE: Two robust monopods for outdoor use

With CONCEPT ONE 650 and CONCEPT ONE 680C CULLMANN now complements the existing range with two monopods. Until now the CONCEPT ONE series only consisted of tripods. Now this series is complemented with the CONCEPT ONE 650 and the CONCEPT ONE 680C, two monopods made of aluminium or carbon.[more]

11. September 2014 |

Ideal for creative ideas: The new multi-function column CONCEPT ONE OXC389 from CULLMANN

With the new multi-function column, photographers and videographers have a versatile and stable companion for a vast variety of shooting situations. The new multi-function column CONCEPT ONE OXC389 impresses with versatility and stability.[more]

11. September 2014 |

The new REVOMAX tripods from CULLMANN: Because creativity and rootedness not necessarily exclude one another

Unmistakable design and well proven CULLMANN quality distinguish these new REVOMAX tripods. The new REVOMAX tripod range consists of two different tripods and one monopod.[more]

11. September 2014 |

Waterproof, shock-proof and off-road compatible The new XCU camera bags from CULLMANN

With the XCU camera bags CULLMANN presents a real photokina highlight. Ambitious outdoor photographers are not afraid of wet weather or dirt when it comes to shooting their best photo or filming the scene of their life.[more]

11. September 2014 |

Low weight, high protection: The new ULTRALIGHT bag range from CULLMANN

With the new ULTRALIGHT bags CULLMANN uncompromisingly developed the existing and well proven concept another step forward. By claiming to provide a high level of protection for DSLR cameras, camcorders and accessories with only a low dead weight, the ULTRALIGHT series has become a fully established product for CULLMANN customers. [more]

11. September 2014 |

High quality, minimalistic design: The new SYDNEY pro photo bags from CULLMANN

The new SYDNEY pro bag series offers a vast variety of detailed solutions for compact to medium-size equipment. The new SYDNEY pro bag series is the ideal companion for ambitious photographers and videographers who attach great importance to simple design and high quality. [more]

11. September 2014 |

A new edition of a classical design: The PANAMA camera bags from CULLMANN

With the new PANAMA camera bags CULLMANN renews a real classic – and, at the same time, supplements the range with a backpack model. PANAMA stands for safe protection for a fair price.[more]

11. September 2014 |

New look, proven idea: The camera and leisure bags MADRID from CULLMANN

With the MADRID bag the question of whether camera or leisure bag is a subject of days gone by. It is two in one. In the MADRID range of bags the link from camera to leisure bag has been well accepted. [more]

11. September 2014 |

LAGOS special camera bags: Unusual shape, shockproof protection

The new LAGOS special bags are made of EVA-rigid foam. The new LAGOS special from CULLMANN immediately catches your eye with its unusual shape. [more]

12. June 2014 |

World novelty from CULLMANN: The unique Hybrid ball heads CONCEPT ONE

From photo to video in just a few seconds: With the new Hybrid ball heads CONCEPT ONE OH2.5V and OH4.5V the user can change between the two format in a split-second and thereby optimally use the possibilities of photo and video shoots with modern digital cameras.[more]

27. March 2014 |


In future the well established MAGNESIT ball heads will be delivered with the new camera QRC System* CONCEPT ONE OXC. With the new MAGNESIT MB ball heads CULLMANN merges two successful product ranges.[more]

11. March 2014 |

Clever, hochwertig und chic: Die neuen SYDNEY pro Taschen von CULLMANN

Die bewährte Kompaktkamera-Taschenserie SYDNEY von CULLMANN wird erwachsen: drei neue Kamerataschen mit modernem Design und vielen pfiffigen Ausstattungsdetails bieten sicheren Schutz und bequemen Zugriff auf die Kamera.[more]

21. February 2014 |

Success in series: CULLMANN introduces eight new CONCEPT ONE tripods

Following the successful market launch of the CONCEPT ONE 622T, Cullmann now goes one better – with a complete tripod range with a total of eight models.[more]

17. February 2014 |

Following the way of success with even better equipment:The new PRIMAX tripods

With the new PRIMAX series CULLMANN once again provides evidence of an outstanding price-performance ratio. The new PRIMAX tripods with the models PRIMAX 350, PRIMAX 380 and PRIMAX 390 are based on years of experience with the successful PRIMAX 1 series. [more]

12. February 2014 |

Improved premium quality: The advanced NANOMAX tripod series from CULLMANN

The new NANOMAX series convinces with an even higher quality and operation. The new NANOMAX series can look back on a very successful predecessor: The NANOMAX series 4 with a total of seven model variants and well thought out detailed solutions is based on the series 2.[more]

06. February 2014 |

Neu und bewährt zu gleich: die neue LAGOS S Vario 250 von CULLMANN für System- und Bridgekameras

Mit der LAGOS S Vario 250 erweitert CULLMANN die erfolgreiche Taschenserie für zwei Trend-Kamerasegmente.[more]

13. December 2013 |

PANAMA, PAROS und MADRID Taschen: Neue Größen und Farben für noch mehr Auswahl

CULLMANN erweitert seine bestehenden Taschenserien PANAMA und PAROS um neue Größen, für die MADRID Reihe gibt es neue Farben. [more]

15. November 2013 |

New York, New York: Reisestativ CONCEPT ONE 622T im Großstadtdschungel-Test mit Fotograf Georg Walterskirchen

Mit dem CONCEPT ONE 622T bietet CULLMANN ein Reisestativ, dass Städtereisen genauso selbstverständlich mitmacht wie einen Outdoor-Trip.[more]

19. December 2013 |

[Translate to englisch:] SIENTATE 2013: Quer durch Asien mit Fahrrad, Sessel und dem CONCEPT ONE 622T

[Translate to englisch:] Mit SIENTATE verfolgt der Fotograf Stefan Sirtl ein ungewöhnliches Fotoprojekt – und unterzieht das neue Reisestativ CONCEPT ONE 622T dabei gleichzeitig dem ersten Härtetest. [more]

16. October 2013 |

Konzentration auf das Wesentliche: Neues Line-up für MAGNESIT COPTER CB2.3 und MAGNESIT COPTER mobile

Mit den MAGNESIT COPTER Stativen bietet CULLMANN eine kleine, leichte, stabile Lösung für Fotos und Videos. Ob stabiles Handstativ für Videoaufnahmen und Schwenks oder ein multifunktionales Tischstativ: die MAGNESIT COPTER Serie von CULLMANN erfüllt alle diese Anforderungen. [more]

15. July 2013 |

Well equipped for summer and autumn: PANAMA and MADRID point the way to new colour accents

The successful camera bags from CULLMANN present themselves in new colours.[more]

09. July 2013 |

All-weather cover for compacts: The new camera bags BERLIN RS with dust and rain protection from CULLMANN.

With the new models BERLIN RS CULLMANN supplements the successful BERLIN bag range by models, which provide a safe place for compact cameras and camcorders. A special feature: the protective cover against dust and moisture.[more]

02. July 2013 |

New cameras – new bags: CULLMANN extends its DUBAI and MADRID ranges of bags

With the new sizes in the two bag ranges DUBAI and MADRID CULLMANN responds to the growing market for mirrorless system cameras (CSC).[more]