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The TITAN clamp TC90 made of strong aluminium die casting, is the ideal basis for use with heavy medium-format and professional DSLR cameras. The big threaded brass bush and a sturdy threaded metal spindle ensure extremely strong fastening. A centre column made of anodized aluminium tube, which can be plugged in from either side, enables individual positioning of the camera. With a clamping range from 83 mm the TITAN clamp TC90 is most suitable for both studio and outdoor use.
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Technicality details
Weight 1000 g


More technicality details:
Max. clamping distance 83 mm
Max. height 80 cm
Min. height 35 cm
Packed dimension 35 cm
Leg segments 2
Max. tripod leg 40 mm


The clamp TITAN TC90 with a dead weight of one kilogram comes with a housing made of torsion resistant aluminium die casting with powder coated surface and a solid threaded metal spindle. It therefore always is an adequate solution, when tripods are difficult to position. The extendable centre column has a 1/4 inch connection thread for mounting a ball head or a 2-/3-way head and can be positioned in the clamp from either side. Large operating elements enable reliable fastening of the clamp on diverse objects. Besides the high-quality materials, the powder coated housing surface and the abrasion resistant anodic oxide layer of the centre column ensure a long lifetime.

The attribute Made in Germany and a 20 year warranty make the clamp TITAN TC90 the ideal partner for professional video cameras, but also for professional DSLR cameras.

All advantages at a glance:

  • Housing made of robust aluminium die casting
    » High torsion resistance
  • Solid threaded metal spindle
    » For medium weight to heavy cameras
  • Extendible centre column with 1/4" connecting thread
    » Stable and adjustable in height
  • Centre column for plugging into the clamping housing from either side
    » Individual positioning of camera
  • Powder coated finish and anodizing
    » Abrasion resistant surface
  • 20 years warranty
    » Manufacturer's warranty after registration
  • Made in Germany


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