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  PRONTO DE LUXE micropod (crank)
PRONTO DE LUXE micropod (crank)
Item Number: 50015
The PRONTO and PRONTO DE LUXE mini-tripods are remarkably stable and suitable for all uses. Folded up, they can fit in even small camera or video bags.
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Technicality details
Max height 113 cm
Min height 22 cm
Packed dimension 23,5 cm
Carrying capacity 1,5 kg
Weight 680 g
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With its 3-way head, the PRONTO is aimed at videographers, with its 3-way panoramic head, the PRONTO DE LUXE is aimed at both photographers and video enthusiasts. The 10-position adjustable multi-function tripod is remarkably stable, but when folded up can fit in small camera or video bags.

PRONTO DE LUXE micropod (crank)


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