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  FLEXX Tabletop Set
FLEXX Tabletop Set
Item Number: 42060
The FLEXX Tabletop Set is the ideal tool for what is called "photography from the table top" - be it on your living room table at home or in a separate studio. Thanks to the quick installation of the clamp including the separable connecting column and the individually swivelling ball head CROSS CB4.1, the FLEXX Tabletop Set is also particularly suitable for outdoor use.
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FLEXX Tabletop SetFLEXX Tabletop Set
FLEXX Tabletop Set


This is the ideal equipment for taking pictures of your coin or stamp collection, for a quick photo of an item to be sold on eBay, or for taking your own portrait photo with the self timer. However, the rigid clamp made of aluminium die-cast together with the compact and stable aluminium ball head which can be safely secured to different objects, also show a convincing performance outside. The FLEXX Tabletop Set as well as all other FLEXX products come with a 10 year warranty after you have registered your product.

The advantages:

  • Quick and simple installation for perfect table top photos
  • Ideal for taking pictures of collections (coins, stamps etc.) as well as for eBay photography
  • Rigid products also best suited for outdoor use
  • FLEXX Tabletop Set consists of three different products
  • Stable multi clamp CC50 made of aluminium die-cast with 33 mm clamping distance and three 1/4 Inch connection threads
  • Separable connecting column made of anodised aluminium pipe with two 1/4 Inch connection threads (230 mm length)
  • Compact aluminium ball head CROSS CB4.1 with 1/4 Inch camera connection thread
  • Unlimited number of setup variants through compatibility of all FLEXX products
  • Compatible with products of external manufacturers with standard 1/4 Inch connection thread
  • 10 year warranty
FLEXX Tabletop Set
FLEXX Tabletop Set
FLEXX Tabletop Set
FLEXX Tabletop Set
FLEXX Tabletop Set
FLEXX Tabletop Set
FLEXX Tabletop Set
FLEXX Tabletop Set


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