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The 20, 10 or 3 year manufacturer's warranty on selected product ranges is a free service provided by CULLMANN GERMANY GmbH.

The manufacturer's warranty is provided by CULLMANN as the manufacturer of the products irrespective of and in addition to the statutory warranty the purchaser is entitled to from the vendor.

The purchased product must be registered within 3 months of the date of purchase to qualify for the manufacturer’s warranty. You can register your purchase online at or by returning the fully completed warranty card enclosed with your purchased product.

If register by post please ensure that the fully completed registration card is enclosed in an envelope with the correct postage. After you have registered your product you will receive a confirmation of the warranty from us either by email or by post. In all cases the warranty is only valid in conjunction with your purchase receipt. Please keep both documents in a safe place. If a claim is made under warranty the purchase receipt must be submitted together with the confirmation of extended warranty sent by email or by post.

The “manufacturer's warranty” from CULLMAN grants the end customer a guarantee of quality within the meaning of Section 443 (1) of the German Civil Code (BGB). No guarantee of durability is given.

This manufacturer's warranty only applies to CULLMAN products from the product ranges to which the warranty conditions apply and that are sold via  distributors.

We assume no further liability with this warranty. Unless legal liability exists in accordance with the Product Liability Act (ProdHaftG), our liability as manufacturer is limited to intentional and grossly negligent conduct.

If a claim is made under warranty, fulfilment of the warranty shall be limited, at the discretion of CULLMANN, to either repair or replacement of the defective products or defective parts.

If CULLMANN chooses to replace defective products or defective parts, replacement may also be in the form of delivery of a current model of equivalent quality and functionality. The warranty period for processed or delivered replacement parts provided within the scope of repair or replacement is restricted either to the remaining period of the warranty of the exchanged product or to 90 days after replacement, whichever is shorter.

The manufacturer's warranty does not cover any defects or costs caused by improper use or the actions of third parties and any resulting damage. The following in particular are considered improper use:

  • Any modification, repair or maintenance to this product that is not carried out by CULLMANN or its official representatives
  • Physical force, overloading or misuse of the product or operating the product contrary to the operating instructions enclosed with the product
  • Any other improper use of the product
  • Non-compliance with the service and maintenance instructions enclosed with the original product packaging.

To make a successful claim under warranty, the purchaser must package the product or the defective part(s) in a proper and appropriate manner and return the product or part(s) together with the purchase receipt to the distributor in the country of purchase or to the shop in which the product was purchased. We will also accept products returned directly to the manufacturer as a gesture of goodwill. Shipping costs are to be paid by the purchaser in all cases.