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Two in one: The new MAGNESIT 580ST monopod no-hands foothold

11. September 2012

Langenzenn (Germany), September 2012 – For heavy cameras and, thanks to the integrated foot, the new MAGNESIT 580ST monopod is perfectly suited for fixing lamps or microphones.    

The MAGNESIT 580ST is made of aluminium. Besides the robust rubber foot, an additionally integrated 3-leg aluminium foot enables no-hands positioning of the monopod. This makes the monopod additionally suitable for carrying lamps or microphones. This considerably extends the range of use for amateur photographers and videographers with only one monopod. The adapter plate of the MAGNESIT 580ST is equipped with a 1/4 - 3/8 inch camera connecting screw. A strong holding strap ensures secure transport of the MAGNESIT 580ST.

Just like all models of the MAGNESIT range, the MAGNESIT 580ST also has individually adjustable quick monopod leg clamping and an Allen key for adjusting the leg clamping mechanism. The top monopod segment is covered with foamed material. For the MAGNESIT 580ST CIULLMANN grants 10 years manufacturer warranty.

Due to its flexible properties and the robust construction, the MAGNESIT 580ST is particularly suitable for medium-format and DSLR cameras, video cameras and camcorders.

CULLMANN delivers all MAGNESIT products with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

Features of the MAGNESIT series in general:

  • Abrasion resistant anodized aluminium tubes
  • Magnesium monopod leg clamping
  • Individual adjustment of the monopod leg clamping
  • Allen key for adjusting the monopod clamping
  • Monopod leg segment with foam padding
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty

Features des MAGNESIT 580ST:

  • Aluminium monopod with robust rubber foot
  • Additional integrated 3-leg foot made of aluminium for no-hands positioning
  • Additional use for lamps or microphones with the 3-leg foot
  • Adapter plate with 1/4 inch to 3/8 inch camera connecting screw
  • Robust holding strap for secure transport

Availability: The new MAGNESIT 580 ST is now available in shops.

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