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And shoot: CULLMANN's new camera carrying system – BeltPod sets

10. September 2012

Langenzenn (Germany), September 2012 – With both flexible camera carrying systems BeltPod Quick-Set and BeltPod Multi-Set, photography and filming on the go will be faster and more stable.    

The BeltPod Quick-Set camera carrying system is specially suited for amateur photographers who are on the road and want to use their cameras for snapshots without additional bags or interchangeable lenses. The camera is carried on the body, quickly ready to shoot thanks to the adjustable waist belt, leaving hands and range of motion unimpeded; this is not the case when carrying cameras using a shoulder strap. The sturdy waist belt ensures that the camera is transported comfortably and safely. The release button on the QRC-System* buckle of the waist belt prevents accidental removal of the camera. The CX470 QRC System* plate provides a stable connection of the BeltPod to the camera thanks to its 1/4 inch camera connection screw. A comfortable fit is achieved thanks to the use of microfibre in the BeltPod. Two removable, soft support pads for different lens diameters ensure that the optics fitted are held securely when walking. Combined with CULLMANN's FLEXX products, there are further multi-functional possibilities for the BeltPod Quick-Set to be used.

The BeltPod Multi-Set consists of the BeltPod Quick-Set expanded with a foam-coated, length adjustable video column with an integrated ball joint and a continuously adjustable holding/guide handle. The BeltPod Multi-Set has a sturdy, removable CB5.3 ball head with camera QRC System* to mount the camera. The BeltPod Multi-Set supports panning and blur-free shots when walking for video recordings and offers maximum freedom of movement when filming. The video column is fitted quickly and easily. Thanks to the compact packing dimension, the BeltPod Multi-Set is ideally suited for outdoor use.

CULLMANN's new BeltPod sets have been designed for DSLR and mirrorless system cameras with a video function as well as for camcorders.

BeltPod Quick-Set features:

  • Faster camera use thanks to the waist belt with the QRC System*
  • Adjustable waist belt ensures comfortable and secure camera transport
  • Incl. QRC System* plate CX470 with a 1/4 inch camera connection screw
  • QRC System* unit with integrated release button prevents accidental removal of the camera
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to the use of microfibre
  • Two soft support pads for various lens diameters ensure safe grip when walking
  • Multi-functional possibilities for use when combined with CULLMANN's FLEXX products

BeltPod Multi-Set features:

  • Foam-coated, length-adjustable video column with integrated ball joint for unrestricted freedom of movement when filming
  • Adjustable holding/guide handle to stabilize panning shots and recording when walking
  • Sturdy, removable CB5.3 ball head with camera QRC System* for mounting the camera
  • Thanks to its compact packing dimension, ideal for outdoor use
  • Quick and simple to assemble

Availability: The BeltPod Quick-Set is expected to be in the shops from the middle of October 2012. Belt Pod Multi-Set is available from the middle of November 2012.

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* QRC System is an abbreviation for CULLMANN Quick-Release Coupling System

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