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Stable, sturdy and unique: CULLMANN's TITAN range of tripods

01. August 2012

Langenzenn (Germany), 1 August 2012 – CULLMANN offers professional and ambitious photographers and videographers a unique companion with its new TITAN tripods.    

All TITAN tripods have one thing in common: They are made in Germany, unique in their operation and uncompromisingly heavy. As a result of their massive weight, they give a vibration-free, steady base when taking shots using heavy cameras with high-speed objective lenses. This applies to medium-format cameras and professional DSLR cameras as well as for professional video cameras with heavy zoom lenses. All tripod controls are designed to be ergonomic and quick to use. This makes TITAN tripods the ideal tripod for all professional photographers and videographers be it in tough outdoor use or in the studio.

Three model variants, two tripods and one monopod, are available: The TITAN 935 works with an air-dammed sliding centre column while the centre column of the TITAN 935G is equipped with a self-locking crank drive. In addition there is the TITAN 970 monopod. Stability is guaranteed with all the TITAN models thanks to their large-sized tripod legs made of anodized aluminium in a trapezoid shaped profile. All variants share the same unique tripod leg clamping using a tripod leg clamping lever at working height which allows the tripod to be completely erected in under 3 seconds. And all of that in comfort, without having to bend over. Contrary to standard tripod construction, the TITAN series allows the lowest tripod leg to be pushed over the top tripod leg. This will be particularly interesting for wildlife and landscape photographers since any dirt on the outside has no effect on the clamping effect of the tripod legs. Thanks to their waterproof seals in the tripod legs, both TITAN tripods can be used in water up to 50 cm deep, and the monopod TITAN 970 up to 55 cm deep without any damage.

The two tripods, TITAN 935 and 935G offer different possibilities when securing the centre column. The TITAN 935 has an air-dammed centre column made of anodized aluminium tube. The air-dammed prevents the centre column lowering if the screw clamp is unintentionally opened, a press-button gives you precise lowering. For the TITAN 935G, the diagonally serrated centre column is adjusted by a complex worm gear, which also prevents unintentional lowering of the centre column. Both versions guarantee precise height adjustment of the camera and protects the user from damage to sensitive camera equipment.

A solid connection plate made of anodized aluminium with a stainless steel 3/8 inch connection screw is used to securely mount a ball head or a 2- or 3-way head. The head mounted is prevented from being accidentally loosened by an Allen screw integrated into the connection plate. By slightly tightening the screw against the base of the tripod head fitted, accidental loosening is prevented.

The ergonomically designed clamping lever found at working height, allows quick and exact positioning of the camera with the TITAN 970 monopod. This is particularly important in action and sports photography and essential for spectacular video shots.

The non-slip rubber feet of all TITAN tripods can be quickly and easily replaced with the solid metal spikes TITAN TX665 which are available as an accessory.
Both tripods are also available with the spirit level CX678 for precise positioning in difficult terrain and with the tripod bag, PROTECTOR PodBag 600. This protects the tripod equipment with special protectors made from innovative EVA foam.

All TITAN tripods have an engraved serial number and CULLMANN gives a 20-year manufacturer's warranty on registration.


  • Large tripod legs made of anodized trapezoidal aluminium profile
  • Unique, dirt-protected tripod leg internal clamping
  • Air-dammed centre column made of anodized aluminium tube (model 935)
  • Cranking column with self-locking worm gear (model 935G)
  • Solid tripod base made of die cast aluminium
  • Comfortable tripod operation at working height
  • Waterproof tripod legs up to 50 cm (tripods) and 55 cm (monopods) water depth when the tripod is assembled
  • Non-rust, stable stainless-steel connection screw (3/8 inch)
  • Connecting plate with integrated anti-twist lock
  • Available as accessories: sturdy TITAN TX665 metal spikes, precise spirit level CROSS CX678 and tripod bag PROTECTOR PodBag 600
  • 20-year manufacturer's warranty after registration
  • Made in Germany


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