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Spot on: CULLMANN extends its CUlight series with new LED video lights

12. June 2018

Langenzenn, 16th April 2018 - Shining the perfect light onto the object is key for photography and videography. The new models of the CUlight series offer numerous options for many different shooting situations.

The new LED video lights complement CULLMANN’s existing product series with three new models, two of which feature an extremely flat product design. This creates even more flexibility for photographers and videographers to set the perfect stage with the best light for their objects.

The LED video lights CUlight V 170BC flat and CUlight VR 500BC flat indicate their most prominent feature in their name: Both are extremely flat. Thus, they can be put directly onto the camera or form a space-saving alternative for table-top photography or use in a smaller studio. By locating the LEDs at the side of the light, this form has become possible.

The lights guarantee a glare-free illumination, even when looking directly into the lights. In addition, they convince by their high colour rendering index (CRI > 95). Both features support the photographer or videographer in creating better results.

The removable swivel foot makes using the lights more flexible and allows fixing the light directly at the camera or a tripod. The lights are run by Sony NP-F970 power packs – the model V 170BC needs one pack, the model 500 BC needs two of them. The CUlight V 170BC also has a battery basket which holds six AA batteries or power packs. A power supply unit is part of the delivery of the Culight VR 500BC flat.

The extension of the CUlight series is rounded off by the new CUlight VR 4400DL LED video light. It is the largest of the new lights and equipped with a colour temperature filter for 3300° K. It comes with a swivel mount and light bezels. The power supply of the CUlight VR 4400DL works either via a Sony PB-L power pack or the power supply unit, which is part of the delivery and allows using the light independent from any batteries.

Photographers who want to use several lights at the same time can install and control up to six groups with a total of 16 lights using the CUlight VR 4400DL.
All models are suitable for photo and video cameras alike. When using several lights, the models VR 500 BC flat and VR 4400DL can be individually controlled via the remote control, which is available as an additional accessory.

Features of the LED video lights CUlight V 170BC flat and VR 500BC flat:

  • Suitable for photo and video cameras
  • Glare-free illumination even with direct view into the lights
  • Very flat casing due to LEDs located at the side
  • High colour rendering index (CRI > 95)
  • Removable swivel foot
  • Individual control of several lights with a remote control (model VR 500BC flat)
  • Power supply by Sony NP-F970 power pack
  • Including battery basket for six AA batteries or power packs (model V 170BC)
  • Including power supply unit for battery-independent use (model VR 500 BC)

Features of the LED video light CUlight VR 4400DL:

  • Suitable for photo and video cameras
  • Including colour temperature filter for 3300° K
  • Power supply by Sony BP-L power pack
  • Including swivel mount and light bezels
  • Individual control of several lights with a remote control
  • Control of up to 6 groups with 16 lights
  • Including power supply unit for battery-independent use

CUlight V 170BC flat
CUlight VR 500BC flat
CUlight VR 4400DL

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