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Practical slingbag: SYDNEY pro CrossPack 400+ with diagonal shoulder strap for more comfort

16. April 2015

Langenzenn, 16 April 2015 – The new CULLMANN backpack with diagonal shoulder strap offers a vast amount of advantages.

With the new SYDNEY pro CrossPack 400+ photographers can conveniently transport and quickly access their equipment. With the diagonal shoulder strap, which converts the backpack to a slingbag, the photographer  does not need to put down the backpack to access his equipment. It can be moved to the front with just a flick of the wrist. The backpack provides ample space for medium size DSLR equipment with lots of accessories and travel utensils.

Access to the equipment from the back of the bag ensures safe transportation and protection against possible theft. The inside of the backpack provides the user with a well padded interior, which ensures optimal protection. The variable inside dividers individually adapt to different equipment. The separate extra compartment offers additional storage space. It is located in the upper part of the interior and can be removed for the transport of larger telescopic lenses.

The front bag has an integrated convenient organizer as well as a protected compartment for an up to 11 inch tablet.

The SYDNEY pro CrossPack 400+ is made of robust outside material and features a stable, water repellent base. In addition, the backpack comes with an exactly fitting sun/rain protection. A tripod can obviously also be fastened on the SYDNEY pro CrossPack 400+.

If the SYDNEY pro CrossPack 400+ is to be carried as a fixed item, it can be reliably fastened with an additional cross belt. The backpack can alternatively by carried by a robust carrying handle instead of the diagonal shoulder strap.

Features of the SYDNEY pro CrossPack 400+:

  • Quick access to the equipment due to the diagonal shoulder strap (slingbag)
  • Convenient carrying by the padded shoulder strap
  • Stowage of equipment from the back of the bag
  • Additional cross-belt for secure fixation
  • Safe transport with protection against possible theft
  • Well padded inside space with variable inside dividers
  • Stable, water repellent bag base
  • Front bag with separate compartment for tablets of up to 11 inches
  • Robust carrying handle for convenient carrying
  • Detachable extra compartment for the storage of telescopic lenses
  • Suitable for medium size DSLR equipment

SYDNEY pro CrossPack 400+

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