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A useful helper: CULLMANN expands its CONCEPT ONE OX range with an additional bracket set

10. September 2012

Langenzenn (Germany), September 2012 – The CONCEPT ONE OX399 L-bracket set allows you to quickly switch from landscape to portrait mode and provides an entrance into panoramic photography.   

Ambitious amateur photographers with a high affinity to landscape and architectural photography get a useful expansion with the new CONCEPT ONE OX399 L-bracket set. It consists of two CONCEPT ONE OX398 QRC System* adjusting plates as well as the new CONCEPT ONE OX699 L-fastening bracket. This means photographers can quickly and easily switch from portrait to landscape mode without having to alter the tripod or tripod head's position. As an entry into panoramic photography, the OX399 L-bracket set forms the basis of the CONCEPT ONE OX system. Together with the QRC system* panorama units OX369 and OX366, it allows panoramic shots to be perfectly framed.

The individual elements of the OX399 L-bracket set are made of aluminium and have an abrasion-proof anodized finish to protect the surface. Rubber inserts protect the camera base from scratches. The OX669 L-fastening bracket is made of sturdy aluminium die casting and also anodized.

The 200 mm long OX398 adjusting plates in the CONCEPT ONE OX399 L-bracket set have individually adjustable anti-twist protection for portrait photographs. The set has two additional 1/4 inch screws for a stable fitting; each adjusting plate also has a 1/4 inch camera connection screw as well as a receptacle for the CULLMANN CROSS CX678 spirit level. The precise, two-sided scale for length adjustment is also a part of the adjusting plates.

The CONCEPT ONE OX399 L-bracket set is suitable for both mirrorless system cameras and DSLR cameras. All components of the CONCEPT ONE OX399 L-bracket set can be purchased individually.

CULLMANN delivers all CONCEPT ONE OX products with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.   

CONCEPT ONE OX399 L-bracket set features:

  • Two, solid aluminium adjusting plates each 200 mm long (OX398 QRC System* adjusting plate L)
  • Abrasion-resistant anodized finish for surface protection
  • Rubber inserts supplied to prevent scratches on the camera's base
  • Two additional 1/4 inch screws for stable fitting
  • Each adjusting plate has a 1/4 inch camera connection screw
  • Integrated, adjustable anti-twist protection for portrait shots
  • A receptacle for CULLMANN CROSS CX678 spirit level on each adjusting plate
  • Two-sided precise scale for length adjustment
  • Sturdy connection bracket made from  die cast aluminium
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty

Availability: The new CONCEPT ONE OX399 L-bracket set and the CONCEPT ONE OX669 L-bracket are expected to be in the shops from the middle of November 2012. The OX398 adjusting plates are expected to be available in the shops from the end September 2012.

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* QRC System is an abbreviation for CULLMANN Quick-Release Coupling System

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