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Even more flexibility: Three new sets expand CULLMANN's FLEXX system

10. September 2012

Langenzenn (Germany), September 2012 – CULLMANN's new FLEXX sets are smart solutions, developed for many different application scenarios.    

The FLEXX Freestyle Set, the FLEXX Suction Set and the FLEXX Adapter Set enlarge the existing FLEXX accessory range and offer practical support for different photo and video situations.

The FLEXX Freestyle Set is ideal for spontaneous and creative self-portraits, action and outdoor shots and video clips. It was specially designed for a young target group who can decide as they want between compact cameras, mirrorless system cameras, small DSLR cameras up to camcorders to film or take photos. The Freestyle Set consists of four different elements: the MAGNESIT COPTER table/hand-held tripod, the extendible FREESTYLER hand-held tripod, the CROSS CB2.7 ball head and the CX140 mobile phone holder. The MAGNESIT COPTER tripod is a multi-functional tripod made of sturdy aluminium. The FREESTYLER hand-held tripod is also made from aluminium. It also has a foam-covered handle. The CROSS CB2.7 ball head is delivered with a 1/4 inch adapter plate and hot shoe. It is also made from anodized aluminium. The CX140 mobile phone holder is used to quickly and securely attach smartphones and other mobile devices. The extendible hand-held tripod is also available with the ball head as a separate set under the name FREESTYLER.

Cameras or useful accessories for studio photography can be securely mounted using the FLEXX Suction Set. The Suction Set is also the ideal solution to take shots from interesting positions which would not be possible by hand. The FLEXX Suction Set also consists of four products: the CS20 suction tripod, a mini ball head, the CX214 multi-clamp as well as a gooseneck. The suction tripod is compact and holds cameras or accessories safely on smooth, grease-free surfaces. The mini ball head has a QRC System* and a 1/4 inch camera connection screw. The practical CX124 multi-clamp also has a 1/4 inch connection thread, as does the sturdy and flexible gooseneck. With a length of 160 mm, it gives the user even more flexibility to create interesting shots.

The FLEXX Adapter Set is ideal for flexibly mounting useful photo accessories. There are five products in the FLEXX Adapter Set: the CX667 adapter block, the CX128 fixing clamp, two goosenecks, the CX662 hot shoe adapter and the CX697 adapter plate. All parts come with 1/4 inch connection screws or threads. The CX667 adapter block has a total of five of these screws as well as a 1/4 - 3/4 inch reduction thread. The CX128 fixing clamp is made of metal and fitted with protective rubber jaws. Both goosenecks are sturdy and flexible and 330 or 160 mm long. The CX697 adapter plate has its own flash protection. The FLEXX Adapter Set is designed above all for ambitious amateur photographers and videographers who need practical helpers for their shots.    

CULLMANN delivers all FLEXX sets with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.

FLEXX System features:

  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty
  • Versatile use and combination possibilities of all the products thanks to the standard 1/4 inch connection thread
  • Great for photography and videography
  • Practical accessories for studio and outdoor shots
  • All products are available individually

Availability: The new FLEXX Sets are expected to be in the shops from the middle of November 2012.

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