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NANOMAX 230T CB6.1: new travel tripod for the CULLMANN NANOMAX range

10. April 2012

Langenzenn, 10 April 2012 – With the new NANOMAX 230T CB6.1 CULLMANN meets customers' demands and adds a travel tripod with a larger maximum working height to the NANOMAX range.

The compact travel tripod NANOMAX 230T CB6.1 with the sturdy ball head CROSS CB6.1 is the newest addition to the successful NANOMAX tripod range. It is not only the "T" for travel that immediately shows the orientation towards travelling photographers. As an accessory for small to medium camera equipment for compact, bridge, mirrorless system and DLSR cameras the NANOMAX 230T CB6.1 features small dimensions and a high level of operating convenience.
The addition of the 230T CB6.1 to the NANOMAX range was initiated by customer suggestions: After the great success of the smaller model – the NANOMAX 200T CB5.1 – many customers were asking for a similar tripod with a larger working height. That is why the NANOMAX 230T CB6.1 provides about 21 centimetres more working height in connection with travel-friendly packing dimensions. The size of the ball head was increased to ensure maximum stability.

The twist-proof, anodized aluminium tripod legs ensure secure hold even on rough terrain. Abrasion-resistant feet made of non-slip rubber material provide the tripod with secure grip on wet ground. The ergonomic clips allow convenient and fast operation of the tripod. To offer improved support for macro shooting, the centre column of the NANOMAX can be separated.
The leg angle on the tripod is doubly adjustable, making ground-level shots possible. The NANOMAX 230T CB6.1 comes with a soft microfibre bag and – like all NANOMAX models – a 10 year warranty.
Features of the NANOMAX 230T CB6.1:

  • Compact travel tripod with durable ball head CROSS CB6.1
  • Aluminium ball head with camera plate (1/4" connecting thread)
  • 10 year warranty
  • Twist-proof, anodized aluminium tripod legs
  • Tripod star made of die-cast aluminium
  • Dual tripod leg angle adjustment for macro photography
  • Separable centre column for ground-level shots
  • Foam padding on the upper tripod legs
  • Ergonomic clips for convenient operation
  • Abrasion-resistant tripod feet made of non-slip rubber material
  • Scope of delivery includes: soft microfibre bag

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