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More power for CUlight video lamps and video cameras with the new CULLMANN CUpower powerpacks

10. October 2017

Langenzenn, October 10, 2017 - Anyone who wants to capture the most exciting moments in life on video, needs adequate power for camera and video lamp. With the new CUpower powerpacks the accessories specialist CULLMANN now provides sufficient electric power when filming family events, holidays and other events.


CUpower powerpacks also meet the well-established CULLMANN quality. The high quality lithium-ion powerpacks are compatible with the genuine Sony NP-F powerpacks and chargers. They can thus be used with most CULLMANN CUlight LED lamps and the corresponding Sony cameras.

The info chip (when used with Sony cameras) guarantees operating comfort. The camera display informs about the remaining time of the powerpack. The integrated heat and overload protection is also proof of the high quality of the powerpacks. It provides additional operational security.

Three different powerpack variants are available to choose from:

The CUpower BA 2000S is the most compact model and compatible with the genuine Sony NP-F550 powerpack, has 2000 mAh and 7.2 Volt. With only 95 g it is also the lightest model of this series.

The CUpower BA 4400S is the next bigger variant. It is compatible with the genuine Sony NP-F750 powerpack, has a capacity of 4400 mAh and 7.2 Volt. It weighs just 190 g.

CUpower BA 7800S is the most powerful powerpack of this series. It is compatible with the genuine Sony NP-F970 powerpack. The data reveal its power: 7800 mAh, 7.2 Volt and a weight of 280 g.

CUpower powerpacks can either be purchased on their own or as a kit. Besides the actual powerpack the kit also includes the matching charger with flat mains plug and a 12 Volt adapter cable for mobile charging in a vehicle.



Features of the CUpower powerpack series:

    • High quality lithium-ion powerpacks
    • Suitable for most CULLMANN CUlight LED lamps and Sony cameras with appropriate powerpack connection
    • Compatible with Sony powerpacks NP-F550 (BA 2000S), NP-F750 (BA 4400S) and NP-F970 (BA 7800S) as well as Sony chargers
    • Info chip for displaying the remaining operating time in the camera display (when using Sony cameras)
    • Integrated heat and overload protection


    Features of the charger (available in a kit):

    • Kit consisting of powerpack, charger with 230V flat mains plug and 12V car adapter
    • LED-charge status display (red means “charging”, green means “full”)
    • After charging: switching to trickle charge



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