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MADE IN GERMANY – the new MAGNESIT MB ball heads from CULLMANN

10. May 2010

Langenzenn, 10 May 2010 – MAGNESIT MB tripods are all ‘Made in Germany’, thus guaranteeing the highest levels of precision and quality. The new MB ball heads, developed by CULLMANN, impress with their innovative technology and contemporary design. The range consists of five different models made of aluminium and with an abrasion-resistant powder-coated finish.

“Precision meets emotion,” is how Marketing Director Bernd G. Hess describes the new MAGNESIT MB ball heads, adding: “The MAGNESIT MB ball heads are a completely new development and a real step forwards in terms of innovative technology. The differences are clear, especially with regard to their adjustable friction control, displacement-free ball lock and intuitive operation.”

Every model in the MAGNESIT MB range of ball heads is manufactured in Germany, thus guaranteeing the highest level of manufacturing quality. Particular attention has been paid to the convenient, finely adjustable ball friction control. With the exception of the entry-level model, the MB2.1, every MAGNESIT MB ball head has a friction adjustment with convenient lock positions. A particular technical highlight of all MAGNESIT MB ball heads is the displacement-free clamping of the ball, according to the principle of “what you see is what you get!”

Other features of MAGNESIT MB ball heads include the finely detailed scale for pan shots, an outstandingly smooth operation for horizontal panning and a special rubber coating of the adjustment knobs for fast, precise operation even with wet hands or when wearing gloves.

The top of the range model, the 900 g MAGNESIT MB8.5, has a load capacity of 32 kg and comes supplied with the new MX465 adjustment unit. The quick-release unit gives the user an additional camera adjustment range of 20 mm, which is particularly useful for macro and landscape photographers. The new CULLMANN MX quick release system is compatible with other manufacturers such as Arca-Swiss etc.

The MB6.3 and MB6.1 models differ only in the type of camera attachment. The MB6.1 has a convenient adapter plate with 1/4"-3/8" camera screw, while the MB6.3 has the MX445 quick release system with the tried and tested release mechanism for optimum security. The MB4.1 and MB2.1 are fitted with a 1/4"-3/8" adapter plate and can, if required, be retrofitted with the CULLMANN quick release system.

Every MAGNESIT MB ball head comes supplied with a soft microfibre cloth in a well-padded carrying case. Also included are an Allen wrench for retrofitting a quick release system, a 3/8" thread adapter for attaching to the tripod and a stable adapter plate on models MB6.3 and MB8.5. CULLMANN guarantees all MAGNESIT MB ball heads for a period of 10 years.


  • Made in Germany
  • Made from aluminium
  • Abrasion-resistant powder coating
  • Precise friction adjustment with convenient lock positions
  • Finest scaling for horizontal panning
  • Top of the range model MB8.5 with new quick release system (Arca-Swiss compatible)
  • Suitable for DSLR and medium format cameras
  • Complete with microfibre cloth and padded carrying case
  • 10 years' warranty

The MAGNESIT MB ball heads will be available in stores from mid/late May 2010.

Recommended retail price:

MB2.1 – €79.00 incl. VAT. MB4.1 – €109.00 incl. VAT. MB6.1 – €139.00 incl. VAT. MB6.3 – €159.00 incl. VAT. MB8.5 – €199.00 incl. VAT.

Technical details: The technical data for the CB ball heads may be found in the PDF download version of this press release.

Please note: Depending on the country, the technical data, design, product name, scope of delivery and date of market introduction may differ from the information in this publication.