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LIMA – the new outdoor photo backpacks from CULLMANN

07. May 2010

Langenzenn, 7 May 2010 – With sophisticated features, extremely robust padding and water-repellent nylon material, the new LIMA photo backpacks from CULLMANN offer outdoors-loving photographers secure protection for a large amount of camera equipment.

Equipped with a special VENTILATION SYSTEM, the LIMA backpacks ensure a pleasant airy feeling on the back. This is achieved with foam profiles covered in a breathable mesh fabric and with integrated ventilation channels.
Individual adjustment of the shoulder straps and of the waist and chest strap enable the bag to match the shape of your body and to be carried comfortably, even on long trips.

Of particular interest to nature photographers is the rapid access to the camera by means of the QUICK ACCESS SYSTEM. Convenient Velcro fasteners allow you to open the camera compartment securely and just wide enough to remove the camera quickly, while preventing the other accessories from accidentally falling out.

The COVER PACK SYSTEM enables tripods to be transported securely on the robust backpack cover. Additional bags, such as lens cases, can be quickly and securely attached to the shoulder strap using the ATTACH SYSTEM. In bad weather, the precisely fitting rain cape with integrated elastic cord protects the backpack from moisture or dust.

Practical stowage options, such as the built-in organiser, offer plenty of room for
photographic and travel accessories. On the outside, the two side pockets with elastic cord can securely hold water bottles or other utensils. A particular feature of the LIMA backpack is a special headphone output, e.g. for the MP3 player stowed inside the bag.

The LIMA backpack is available in two versions which differ only in their size and the integrated laptop compartment (model 600+). LIMA backpack 400 and LIMA backpack 600+ are supplied in black/grey.


  • The VENTILATION SYSTEM ensures excellent all-round ventilation in the back area
  • The COVER PACK SYSTEM makes it easy to bring along a tripod
  • The QUICK ACCESS SYSTEM guarantees fast and secure access to the camera
  • The ATTACH SYSTEM makes it possible to attach additional bags
  • Precisely fitting waterproof rain cover with integrated elastic cord
  • Extremely durable and water-repellent outer material

The LIMA 400 black/grey and LIMA 600+ back/grey photo backpacks will be available in stores from the beginning of June 2010.

Recommended retail price:
LIMA BackPack 400 – €99.00 incl. VAT.
LIMA BackPack 600+ – €139.00 incl. VAT.

Technical details: The technical data for LIMA products may be found in the PDF download version of this press release.

Please note: Depending on the country, the technical data, design, product name, scope of delivery and date of market introduction may differ from the information in this publication.