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Small, light, stable – and good looking: The new MUNDO tripod range from CULLMANN

14. September 2016

Langenzenn, 14 September 2016 - Light photo equipment for travelling is fully in line with the trend. With the new MUNDO tripod range CULLMANN presents the ideal companion for any journey.

With the new MUNDO tripods photographers have the whole world at their feet – not only because the product name is derived from the Spanish word “Mundo” (world). Many photographers prefer CSC-equipment when travelling, instead of a big DSLR. However, design and quality should in this case come off badly. With the MUNDO tripods CULLMANN offers two small, light and stable models - and which are still good looking. In black, silver, orange or blue these tripods offer many useful functions, including a padded tripod bag for safe transport. With the 10 year warranty CULLMANN at the same time most effectively demonstrates that users can rely on the proven quality of this brand.

The MUNDO 522, available as 522T in aluminium and as 522TC in carbon, is the ideal travel tripod. Due to its compact design, the packing dimension of only 31.5 cm and its low weight of just one kilogram (MUNDO 522TC) it fits into any backpack. In other words: The MUNDO 522 is the “always-at-hand-tripod”, no matter whether you are on city tours, planning for a hiking tour and an adventure holiday of several weeks. Tripod star and screw fittings are made of machined aluminium, the tripod legs and the adjustable centre column are made of anodized aluminium tube. Even in fully extended condition and a working height of 136 cm, the tripod provides a stable base. The assembled ball head with the camera QRC system* is most suitable for modern CSC cameras, but also for light DSLR-equipment. The tripod legs can be adjusted in three different spreading angles – including a almost ground level macro position. For this purpose a short centre column is included in the scope of delivery.

The MUNDO 525 is the bigger variant. Also in this case there is an aluminium version 525M and the lighter 525MC in carbon. Besides the properties of the 522 series, the 525 offers a higher working height of 160 cm and an eight kilogram higher load bearing capacity. However, the biggest difference is the integrated monopod, which is realized by assembling the centre column and a foam rubber coated tripod leg. The assembled panorama ball head is an additional feature by which the 525 series differs from the 522. With two fastening screws the horizontal range and the ball clamping can be separately operated, instead of only one fastening screw on the 522 series. This gives the user the opportunity to shoot panorama shots, or to film short video pans.

With four different colour variants black, silver, orange and blue the MUNDO tripods underline their stylish ambition: Tripods hardly ever present themselves in such a good looking way. And for safe and convenient transport of the new MUNO tripods, they even come with a matching tripod bag for no extra charge.

Alternatively to the aluminium version, the MUNDO tripods are also available in a carbon variant.

Features of the MUNDO tripod series:

  • Four different colour variants (black, silver, orange, blue)
  • Aluminium an carbon versions
  • Anodized tripod star made of machined aluminium
  • Tripod legs and centre column made of anodized aluminium tube (or carbon)
  • Tripod legs foldable by 180 degrees for short packing measurement
  • Quick release clamping for tripod legs and centre column
  • 360 degree slewable centre column load hook
  • 3-fold tripod leg adjustment including macro position
  • Additional short centre column for ground-level macro shots
  • Tripod leg with foam rubber padding (cold/impact protection)
  • Additional detachable tripod leg protection sleeve (only modell 525M)
  • Stable, skid-proof rubber feet
  • Including a matching tripod bag
  • 10 years warranty

Features of the MUNDO 522 tripods:

  • Light, small, stable and good looking
  • Low packing measurement and weight: The “always-at-hand” tripod
  • Two-times extendable centre column with integrated load hook
  • Additional short centre column for ground-level macro shots
  • Ball head made of anodized aluminium
  • Camera QRC system* with 1/4 inch connection thread (Arca compatible)
  • Ideal for CSC cameras and compact DSLR cameras
  • Including a matching tripod bag
  • 10 years warranty

Features of the MUNDO 525 tripods:

  • Bigger variant than the 522 with a maximum height of 160 cm
  • Additional monopod by assembling tripod leg and centre column
  • Additional short centre column for ground-level macro shots
  • Panorama ball head made of anodized aluminium
  • Separate horizontal and ball clamping for panorama shots
  • Camera QRC system* with 1/4 inch connection thread (Arca compatible)
  • Ideal for CSC cameras and DSLR equipment
  • Including a matching tripod bag
  • 10 years warranty

*QRC system is an abbreviation for CULLMANN Quick-Release Coupling system

MUNDO 522M in black, silver, orange or blue
MUNDO 522MC in silver
MUNDO 525T in black, silver, orange or blue
MUNDO 525TC in silver

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