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Flexibility meets Stability. The new MAGNESIT tripods with QUICKSHIFT SYSTEM offer unlimited centre column adjustment for fascinating pictures.

21. September 2010

Langenzenn (Germany), 21st September 2010 – CULLMANN enables quick and simple tripod adjustments with maximum freedom of movement, thanks to the vertically and horizontally slewable centre column. With its precise and versatile adjustment possibilities the newly developed QUICKSHIFT SYSTEM offers a vast range of creative freedom for taking repro photos as well as for ambitious macro and architectural photography.

Tilting the solid centre column of the newly developed QUICKSHIFT SYSTEM vertically by 180 degrees is cunningly simple. This practical possibility of centre column adjustment will mainly be welcomed by ambitious photo/videographers, who have specialised in macro and architectural photography and in taking repro photos. For better camera adjustment, but also for horizontal camera pans, the centre column can be infinitely turned by 360 degrees. Robust and ergonomically designed operating elements ensure quick, simple and intuitive handling. In order to ensure stable and secure positioning of the tripod, the two top-of-the-range models of the proven MAGNESIT tripod line were chosen for the QUICKSHIFT SYSTEM. The MAGNESIT 532Q And MAGNESIT 528Q tripods feature the integrated QUICKSHIFT SYSTEM and provide a solid foundation for the use of the all-aluminium QUICKSHIFT SYSTEM.

The successful MAGNESIT range of tripods from CULLMANN combines innovative materials, well thought-out functionality, ergonomic design and the highest level of quality. For instance, on every model the tripod star, the joint pieces, and the leg clips are made of magnesium. Depending on the chosen model, the tripod legs are either made of anodised aluminium tube or from carbon fibre. This makes MAGNESIT tripods particularly light and provides an ideal basis for the QUICKSHIFT SYSTEM.

Features of the MAGNESIT Line, like convenient leg adjustment due to big ergonomically designed clips and the foam rubber coating of the upper tripod segments, ease work even in bad weather. Due to the additionally delivered centre column the MAGNESIT tripods still remain flexible in height adjustment. The QUICKSHIFT model MAGNESIT 532Q is available with unbelievably short 24 cm. Also remarkable is this model's maximum height of 200 cm. Adjustable steel spikes and robust rubber feet keep the tripod in position, even on different grounds.

Convinced by its own quality, CULLMANN grants a 10 year warranty for the complete MAGNESIT line.


  • 10 years warranty on the complete MAGNESIT line
  • Optimal centre column slewing range due to the QUICKSHIFT SYSTEM
  • Full 180 degree vertical slewing radius for repro photography
  • Infinite horizontal pan by 360 degrees
  • Particularly suitable for macro, architectural and repro photography
  • Additional short centre column for macro photography near the ground

The MAGNESIT QUICKSHIFT tripods will be available at retailers from Nov/Dec 2010.