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Systematic Flexibility – the new Photo and Video Equipment FLEXX system by CULLMANN

29. June 2011

Langenzenn (Germany), 29th June 2011 – The concept of the new CULLMANN FLEXX system presents five different FLEXX Sets, consisting of practical products such as clamps and clips, swan necks, suction pods, multifunction tripods etc. These offer the user a multitude of possible applications and combinations with consistent compatibility. The new FLEXX system launches five different special sets consisting of 31 stable and useful products, tailored to the specific needs of outdoors and studio use. CULLMANN offers a 10 year warranty for all FLEXX Sets if you register your product.

FLEXX Tabletop Set
The 3-piece FLEXX Tabletop Set is the ideal basic tool for what is called "photography from the table top" - be it in your living room at home or in a separate studio. The FLEXX Tabletop Set is also optimally suitable for outdoor use, hanks to the quick installation of the clamp CC50 including the separable connecting column and the individually swivelling ball head CROSS CB5.1.

FLEXX Assistant Set
Newcomers to the exciting field of macro photography looking for useful and handy accessories will find the ideal solution in the FLEXX Assistant Set.  Five stable products, which are suitable for both outdoor and studio use, offer a variety of different possibilities for the creative application of a photo or video camera, like the unusual positioning of a flash by means of a flexible swan neck or the safe mounting of an object using one of the specimen or fixation clamps.

FLEXX Touring Set
As the name already suggests, the FLEXX Touring Set has been primarily developed for those photographers and videographers who mainly work outdoors. Six different individual products, which can be combined with each other in various configurations, guarantee a variety of possible applications, escpecially for outdoors but also for studio use. For example, the suction pod permits a quick and safe fastening on smooth surfaces and on glass, while the multi clamp CC60 made of aluminium die-cast ensures a secure hold for mounting a photo or video camera. For nature and macro photographers the FLEXX Touring Set contains a combination of anodised aluminium earth spike, stable camera plate and the ball head CROSS CB5.1. With a packing dimension of only 28cm the travel tripod NANOMAX 200T is the ideal partner for photographers and videographers who like to travel with a backpack. In addition, the FLEXX Touring Set contains a high-quality transport bag which is custom-made for optimally stowing the individual products.

FLEXX Studio Set
The 11-piece FLEXX Studio Set has the proper tool for each setup, whether it's for the exact positioning of one or several flashes by means of stable swan necks or for the safe fastening of unusual flowers using a specimen of fixation clamp, or for mounting the camera with the multi clamp and the suction pods. Three swan necks of different lengths and one fixation and specimen clamp each support the user in specific lighting and creative positioning of the object to be photographed. The set contains further useful accessories like the rigid multi clamp CC50 made of aluminium die-cast, a practical suction pod, and the versatile universal clamp CC30. A sturdy transport bag which is adapted to the individual products of the FLEXX Touring Set is included.

FLEXX Support Set
The 6-piece FLEXX Support Set is especially designed for those photographers and videographers who attach great importance to different mounting possibilities and applications in their search for subjects. This job can be perfectly done by the multifunction tripod MAGNESIT COPTER with its outstanding performance both as a stable table top support and a helpful handheld support for videography. The multi clamp CC50 and the suction pod offer additional mounting variants for cameras or photo equipment, thus providing the user with a maximum of freedom for individual camera positioning, e.g. for exciting action shots. The safe mounting of photo and video cameras on glass or smooth surfaces, table tops and tripod legs, bridge railings or bicycle handle bars, and for purposes like table top or macro photography, travel photography or studio use, can be perfectly handled by the FLEXX Support Set. The transport bag which comes with the set has been fine-tuned to the products of the FLEXX Support Set.

The compatibility of the FLEXX products offers ambitious amateurs as well as professionals an unlimited number of possible combinations of different products. All CULLMANN FLEXX products are fitted with a 1/4 Inch connection thread and are thus also compatible with products of external manufacturers provided they have a standard 1/4 Inch connection thread.

Features of the  FLEXX system:

  • Useful photo / video accessories to support outdoor and studio photography
  • Practical composition of the individual FLEXX Sets according to the intended use
  • Five different accessory sets with 31 stable products
  • Small practical helpers for maximum flexibility
  • Unlimited setup variants through compatibility of all FLEXX products
  • Compatible with products of external manufacturers by standard 1/4 Inch connection threads
  • 10 year warranty once you have registered your product

Further product information on the individual FLEXX Sets

Technical details:
can be found in the attached data sheet (PDF)    
Availability: expected to be available as from early July 2011

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For more than forty years the name CULLMANN has been a synonym for practical and high-quality photo and video equipment. Starting from the idea via the development all the way to the production of a CULLMANN product, we always focus on the needs of the user. Due to our on-going dialogue with amateurs and professionals we are aware of their specific requirements and take them into account when designing and realising equipment. Each CULLMANN product guarantees the user maximum benefit, a simple and carefully thought-out operation, a reliable function, a unique design, high-quality materials, and a long service life at a fair and reasonable price.

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