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The new MAGNESIT and NANOMAX universal tripods from CULLMANN

02. April 2009

Langenzenn, 2 April 2009 - With eleven models in its new MAGNESIT series of tripods, CULLMANN can offer a range that meets every wish. The new MAGNESIT tripods meet the highest standards of stability, quality, versatility and design. High-strength die-cast magnesium has been used for the tripod star, buttons, joint pieces, leg clips and top plate. The tripod legs and the rotating centre column are made of carbon fibre or aluminium. This gives the MAGNESIT tripods a significantly higher stability and a much lower weight than conventional tripods. The MAGNESIT 532C model with carbon tripod legs has a load carrying capacity of up to 8 kg while itself weighing only 2.2 kg. Other tripods with torsion-resistant and vibration-damped carbon fibre legs include the MAGNESIT 525C and 528C and the MAGNESIT 580C monopod.

The MAGNESIT 519, 522, 525, 525M, 528, 532 and the MAGNESIT 550 monopod have aluminium legs and are also very stable and light. The MAGNESIT 519 and 522 models come complete with a 3-way pan head with quick release system. The MAGNESIT 525M also includes a monopod with reliable inner clamping.

The newly developed leg clamping system impresses with its fast and reliable locking of the tripod legs and ensures maximum stability. The 4-position leg angle adjustment can be easily and securely operated with ergonomic buttons. Thanks to the extreme leg spread, the minimum working height is approximately 30 cm. With the MAGNESIT 532/532C, the maximum working height is as much as 182 cm. Especially for ground-level shots, each MAGNESIT tripod comes with an additional short centre column with a magnesium top plate with ¼ and ⅜" interchangeable thread. For exact alignment, a spirit level is built into the tripod star. Adjustable steel spikes and non-slip rubber feet can be adjusted quickly and easily to the terrain. Foam padding on the upper leg sections protects against bumps and cold, and makes the tripod easier to carry.

NANOMAX tripods

The new NANOMAX tripods from CULLMANN are clever and small. These clever complete solutions are designed for beginners who are enthusiastic about photography and videography and want to create beautiful images easily and spontaneously, and who therefore need a high-quality tripod at a reasonable price. The range currently includes three models: NANOMAX 220, 250 and 260. Thanks to their low weight of only 810, 1000 or 1300 g and their handy packing size of 41, 49 or 50 cm, you can take NANOMAX tripods with you at all times. All NANOMAX tripods are equipped with a 3-way pan head including quick release system. On the NANOMAX 250 and 260, the 3-way heads are made of die-cast aluminium and have a load carrying capacity of 3 kg or 3.5 kg respectively. They have a camera quick release system and can be used for both photography and videography.

The tripod legs made of anodised aluminium are particularly lightweight and stable. The continuously adjustable, ergonomically designed leg clamping, the variable leg angle adjustment, the adjustable spikes, the easy-to-grip foam padding of the upper leg sections and the secure clamping of the centre column ensure user-friendly operation and make it easier to work with the tripod. NANOMAX tripods come supplied with tripod bags.

The MAGNESIT and NANOMAX tripod ranges will be available from specialist retailers from May 2009.

Prices of MAGNESIT tripods (RRP)
519: €89
522: €99
525: €89
525M: €139
528: €109
532: €139
525C: €249
528C: €299
532C: €349
550: €49.99
580C: €129

Prices of NANOMAX tripods (RRP)
220: €39.99
250: €59.99
260: €69.99"