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CULLMANN expands its product line with anti-static microfibre cloths and neoprene memory card bags.

17. March 2010

Langenzenn, 17 March 2010 – To ensure a clear view, new microfibre cloths are available from CULLMANN in two different sizes and materials. And for the secure storage of memory cards it is offering bags made from soft neoprene.

CULLMANN is focusing on these small, yet indispensable, photo accessories and is offering various types of microfibre cloths and memory card bags. Both microfibre cloths are anti-static, lint-free, grease-absorbing and washable. They differ in their size and material. The A4 size cleaning cloth (product no. 89150) is based on a high-quality material combination of flannel and microfibre and can also be used as a protective wrapping for sensitive objects such as lenses. The second cloth variant (product no. 89100) is used for the gentle cleaning of camera, mobile phone and MP3 displays and also spectacles. This microfibre cloth is available individually and in combination with the neoprene SnapBag (product no. 89120).

For the transportation and safe storage of memory cards, CULLMANN offers a special memory card bag in two different versions. Available with a microfibre cloth (product no. 89190) or without a microfibre cloth (product no. 89200).