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CONCEPT ONE OX: CULLMANN's new camera Quick-release coupling system

01. August 2012

Langenzenn (Germany), 1 August 2012 – The new camera QRC System*, CONCEPT ONE OX, offers the security that photographers and videographers demand for their high-value camera equipment.    

CULLMANN groups six products together under the product name CONCEPT ONE OX. All of them offering high stability and easy of use. There are two different QRC System* units belonging to CONCEPT ONE OX. A standard QRC System* camera plate and QRC System* adjusting plates in two different lengths as well as a special PinLock camera plate. They are especially suited for use with medium and heavy cameras with high-speed objective lenses.

QRC System* units
The camera QRC System* CONCEPT ONE OX is available in two different models; the OX366 standard model and the panorama version OX369. Both versions are made from milled aluminium. Thanks to their precision metal spindle, both clamping jaws are moved simultaneously. This guarantees a quick and centralised mounting for the camera. With their 3/8 inch connection thread and the Allen key included in the scope of delivery, the QRC System* units can be quickly and reliably mounted to any standard tripod head or directly to the tripod.

Above this, the CONCEPT ONE OX369 QRC System* panorama unit also offers an integrated 360 degree camera pan and thus an additional fourth adjustment path for the user. This way one can set up for unique photo-shooting session, for both photography or videography.

All the operating elements are positioned so that they give you a comfortable and practical way to accomplish your work while guaranteeing secure mounting of your camera equipment.

PinLock camera plate
The CONCEPT ONE OX615 PinLock camera plate unique in its construction and its PinLock camera plate system will be particularly appreciated by photographers taking portrait shots at long focal lengths. The six integrated plastic pins are pressed against the camera's base by turning the rubberised outer ring. This prevents the camera twisting or, in the worst case, coming loose. Converting tripod heads with simple camera plates to the all-aluminium PinLock camera plate is quick and easy to do thanks to a 3/8 inch fastening screw.

QRC System* camera/adjusting plates
CULLMANN offers three different camera QRC System* plates for the new CONCEPT ONE OX QRC System*. Made entirely of aluminium with an abrasion resistant anodized coating and a stainless-steel 1/4 inch camera screw, these offer a stable base to secure heavy camera equipment. In addition to the standard camera plate OX390, there are two adjusting plates available in different lengths. The OX398 QRC System* adjusting plate L has a length of 200 mm and offers you the best conditions for mounting heavy cameras. It is also fitted with individually adjustable anti-twist protection for portrait shots and the all-round plate the OX394 QRC System* adjusting plate M with a length of 90 mm. All plates also featured an integrated safety system to prevent the plate from falling off if the CONCEPT ONE OX QRC System* units are accidentally opened. In addition, all OX plates come with rubber inserts to protect the base of the camera, these are supplied separately.

CULLMANN delivers all CONCEPT ONE OX products with a 10-year manufacturer's warranty.    

QRC System* units:

  • Solid QRC System* made of aluminium
  • Secure clamping of the camera thanks to precise, smooth running metal spindle
  • Quick centred clamping by simultaneous movement of both clamping jaws
  • Integrated panorama setting for 360 degree panning gives an additional fourth adjustment path (model OX369)
  • Standard 3/8 inch connection thread
  • Three different QRC System* camera adjusting plates
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty

PinLock camera plate:

  • Innovative technology for secure camera fastening
  • Stable anti-twist protection particularly for portrait shots
  • Easy operation thanks to six integrated anti-twist pins
  • Made completely of aluminium with high stability
  • 3/8 inch fastening screw
  • Suitable for CULLMANN and other manufacturers
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty

QRC System* camera/adjusting plates:

  • Made of aluminium
  • Anodized abrasion-resistant surface
  • Integrated protection to prevent it falling out
  • Rubber inserts to protect the camera base
  • 1/4 inch camera mounting screw
  • Holder for the spirit level CX678 in the adjusting plates M and L (OX394 and OX398)
  • Precise length scale for adjusting the camera (OX394 / OX398)
  • 90 mm or 200 mm length for secure camera seating (OX394 / OX398)
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty


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* QRC System is an abbreviation for CULLMANN Quick-Release Coupling System


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