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“Coloured pencils in water” wins first place in the CULLMANN FLEXX photo competition

20. March 2012

Langenzenn, 20 March 2012 – CULLMANN congratulates the winners and thanks all participants for their creative contributions.

Peter Olfert has won first place in the CULLMANN FLEXX photo competition with his tabletop production “Coloured pencils in water”. Second was Klaus Schiebold from Berlin with a light and shade creation of shiny metal curves. Third place went to Reinhold Eberle from Ochsenhausen for his picture of a toaster with flying sparks. The winners receive high-quality photo accessories from CULLMANN. Peter Olfert also won an Apple iPad2.
CULLMANN had called for entries for the photo competition with the theme “BE CREATIVE & FLEXIBLE”. The participants were supposed to let their imagination run free and show what is possible with CULLMANN FLEXX products or similar products from other manufacturers.
The jury was impressed by the results. The participants of the CULLMANN FLEXX photo competition showed the entire bandwidth of macro, portrait, tabletop, outdoor and action & fun photography. Those with an interest in photography were able to participate in selecting the winners for the competition. They were able rate their favourite picture and nominate it for selection by the jury during an online voting process.

Overview of all winners:   
1st place: Peter Olfert, Dortmund   
2nd place: Klaus Schiebold, Berlin   
3rd place: Reinhold Eberle, Ochsenhausen   
4th place: Thorsten Schneider, Koblenz   
5th place: Erich Obster, Ingolstadt   
6th place: Mike Rudisile, Horb   
7th place: Kevin Frank, Bünzen   
8th place: Bertram Übelhör, Waiblingen   
9th place: Cle Singer, Horb-Altheim   
10th place: Tim Horne, Planegg   
11th place: Stephan Rode, Lüdinghausen   
12th place: Elena Bechthold, Chemnitz   
13th place: Ingo Hilger, Neuwied   
14th place: Joe Bernhard, Kaufbeuren   
15th place: Susanne Franz, Bonn   
16th place: Klaus Dieter van Kesteren, Duisburg   
17th place: Dirk Ott, München   
18th place: Johannes Belz, Neuruppin   
19th place: Wolfgang Bock, Karlskron   
20th place: Wolfgang Marx, Ohmden

The CULLMANN FLEXX system   
The CULLMANN FLEXX system stands for flexibility, usefulness and sturdiness. Five practical photo/video accessory sets comprising 31 different products such as multi-clamps, universal clamps, goosenecks, suction and standing tripods deliver an undreamt-of variety of options for creative use and combination thanks to the universal compatibility with other products.

The themed sets – FLEXX Touring Set, FLEXX Studio Set, FLEXX Support Set, FLEXX Assistant Set and FLEXX Tabletop Set – are suitable for outdoor and studio photography alike. This can also be seen in the entries for the competition: The participants found inspiration for creative and flexible ideas from very simple to extravagant setups.

A selection of the winning photographs can be found on the CULLMANN homepage , on the FLEXX competition page and on Facebook .

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