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28. September 2010 |

photokina 2010: Thanks for the great interest shown in CULLMANN

Every photokina trade fair day a complete success for CULLMANN! We would like to thank everyone who visited us during the six trade fair days in Cologne. And to those who didn't make it to Cologne in 2010, we look forward to seeing you in 2012! [more]

24. September 2010 |

photokina weekend: CULLMANN looks forward to meetings its users!

Experience has shown that the trade fair weekend belongs to the end user - and we look forward to these two days. We look forward to what we consider to be an important exchange of ideas and experiences with CULLMANN users and to receiving feedback on our latest innovations.[more]

23. September 2010 |

photokina half-time. CULLMANN is awarded three prizes by Color Foto

photokina half-time. We have three successful trade fair days behind us and are looking forward to the weekend including expert-level dialogue with CULLMANN users. And we are especially pleased that readers of the Color Foto professional magazine have awarded prizes to three CULLMANN products, including first place in the category of tripods. Thanks! [more]

22. September 2010 |

photokina innovation: MAGNESIT QUICKSHIFT

A new concept, two different models and three practical advantages! The new CULLMANN MAGNESIT QUICKSHIFT tripod series is getting a thoroughly positive reception and plenty of praise from press, trade and the general public. [more]

21. September 2010 |

Gearing up for photokina 2010!

Tuesday, 21.09.2010, 10.00: The start of photokina 2010. The next six days will show how CULLMANN innovations are received by the trade, press and consumers. CULLMANN is presenting its entire product range of tripods, tripod heads and camera bags on a stand covering a 220 m2 area.[more]

30. August 2010 |

The MacRewind Test HIGHLIGHT: Monopod MAGNESIT 580C

Big monopod test by MacRewind: Five different products, among them the CULLMANN MAGNESIT 580C, different materials and different sales prices. And only one winner in terms of price/performance ratio: Five stars and the “HIGHLIGHT” award.[more]

19. July 2010 |

ColorFoto tests CULLMANN MAGNESIT 532C: Recommended Product for Stability

Titled "Kompromisslos" (uncompromising) the current issue (08/2010) of the professional photo journal ColorFoto contains a test of the CULLMANN Carbon tripod MAGNESIT 532C.[more]

16. June 2010 |

CULLMANN supports this year's BSW national photo exhibition

Alfred Söhlmann from Würzburg was delighted to win a CULLMANN MAGNESIT 532 tripod at this year's 38th BSW national photo exhibition – many congratulations![more]

21. May 2010 |

Robust padding and easy transportation of tripods – ULTRALIGHT CP camera bags

The ten models in the new ULTRALIGHT CP range of camera bags, with multiple interior padding and additional bag features, offer secure transportation and storage space for DSLRs, digital cameras, camcorders and accessories.[more]

19. May 2010 |

2. photography workshop with MAGNESIT at the Grugapark in Essen

On 5 September 2010 the DVF is organising the second photography workshop in Essen, with the theme: "Fauna & Flora and People Shots". CULLMANN will be supporting the event with MAGNESIT tripods and brand-new MAGNESIT MB ball heads.[more]

10. May 2010 |

Precision "Made in Germany". The new MAGNESIT MB ball heads

The new MAGNESIT MB ball heads, developed by CULLMANN, represent the highest levels of precision and quality, and impress with their innovative technology and contemporary design.[more]

07. May 2010 |

LIMA – the new photo backpack for outdoor enthusiasts

With sophisticated features, robust padding and water-repellent nylon material, the new LIMA 400 and 600+ photo backpacks from CULLMANN offer outdoors-loving photographers secure protection for a large amount of equipment.[more]

30. April 2010 |

Minimalist design – ELBA, the new compact photo cases

With flexible, soft neoprene material in clean lines, ELBA cases can protect compact cameras, MP3 players or mobile phones. A useful detail – the side-mounted loop enables ELBA to be tied to a beach bag, for example.[more]

29. April 2010 |

The CULLMANN CB range – new ball heads made from aluminium

The CULLMANN CB ball head range consists of three new ball heads made of anodised aluminium, which are particularly suitable for cameras ranging from small compacts to medium-sized DSLRs.[more]

09. April 2010 |

Fresh colour scheme for CULLMANN VIGO photo backpack

The CULLMANN VIGO range of photo backpacks, now available in a new and striking colour variant of grey/blue, provide space for a digital SLR camera with lens attached.[more]

17. March 2010 |

CULLMANN expands its product line with anti-static microfibre cloths and neoprene memory card bags.

To ensure a clear view, new microfibre cloths are available from CULLMANN in two different sizes and materials. And for the secure storage of memory cards it is offering bags made from soft neoprene.[more]

08. March 2010 |

Feminine purple or cool street camouflage – the colourful LAGOS range of bags

With new bright purple and unusual red/grey camouflage variants, a fresh wind is blowing through the colour range of CULLMANN LAGOS hard cases.[more]

25. February 2010 |

The practical bag for the hip – the new VIGO HipPack camera bag

Made from an extremely durable and water-repellent nylon material, the CULLMANN VIGO HipPack 300 bags provide secure storage space for compact cameras and camcorders.[more]

18. February 2010 |

The all-inclusive tripod. For price-conscious photographers and video enthusiasts

The new PRIMAX tripods offer complete all-round equipment with a compact 3-way head, quick release system, smooth crank column, practical tripod bag and a 3-year warranty.[more]

11. February 2010 |

CULLMANN at the PMA 2010

CULLMANN will be represented at the PMA international specialised trade show for photo equipment, audio and video technology in Anaheim, USA between 21 and 23 February 2010.[more]

28. January 2010 |


We'll be there! Come to the CULLMANN stand and test out the complete range of award-winning MAGNESIT tripods - learn more about ball heads, 3-way heads and tripod accessories and try out a variety of camera bags! We look forward to your visit.[more]

19. January 2010 |

CULLMANN discovers the check pattern - the new BERLIN range of bags.

With their minimalist design, the new BERLIN Compact and BERLIN Vario camera bags are fashionable and trendy.[more]

14. January 2010 |

Outdoor meets lifestyle – the new CULLMANN DOVER camera bag

The new DOVER camera bag from CULLMANN represents a variable bag concept. Durable nylon or elegant leather, according to your personal taste and how you use the bag.[more]

25. November 2009 |

Camera bag or leisure bag – why not have both in one?

The new MADRID collection of camera bags from CULLMANN meets this goal with flying colours and provides reliable protection for a DSLR with lens attached plus two additional lenses, or just a compact camera, wallet, mobile phone, MP3 player etc.[more]

20. November 2009 |

Classic on the outside, colourful on the inside – the new CULLMANN SYDNEY camera bags.

In spite, or perhaps because, of this grey time of year, the fresh bright colours of the lining – orange, purple and blue – evoke memories of summer.[more]