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19. August 2015 |

Different, but still unchanged: The new CULLMANN MADRID TWO Maxima 320+ camera bag

With the MADRID TWO CULLMANN proves that even best-sellers can still be improved with just little changes. The MADRID bag series is one of the fast moving items in the portfolio of CULLMANN. Customers, above all, value the flexibility and adaptability as photo or leisure bag.[more]

12. August 2015 |

More space for compacts: CULLMANN ULTRALIGHT pro Compact 400

The new ULTRALIGHT pro Compact 400 supplements the existing ULTRALIGHT bag series at the top end – and thereby provides even more space for bigger compact cameras and camcorders.[more]

05. August 2015 |

More freedom when taking photos: The new CULLMANN FREESTYLER series

CULLMANN has the ideal companions for Selfie Shooters, GoPro nerds and ambitious photo and videographers. Selfies from city tours or a video from the rapid downhill run with the mountain bike: Anyone on route with a smartphone or a GoPro needs more than just a selfie stick.[more]

29. July 2015 |

Fresh colours, not only for summer! CULLMANN MADRID sports Maxima 325+

The new colours for the successful range of bags inspire mainly young users. CULLMANN likes it colourful: Colourful accruement to the successful bag model MADRID sports Maxima 325+. [more]

29. July 2015 |

Flexible and compact: The “little” CULLMANN MADRID sports Maxima 125+

With the MADRID sports Maxima 125+ CULLMANN meets the increasing demand for a compact bag for CSC-cameras – while at the same time setting fashionable accents.[more]

08. July 2015 |

Sturdy, compact and with modern design: The new tripod range MAGNESIT X

With the MAGNESIT X tripod range CULLMANN continues its successful range on a new level. The new tripod range MAGNESIT X above all addresses ambitious photo and video amateurs with compact DSLR and CSC camera equipment. [more]

15. June 2015 |

Lets go to Duisburg to Photo+Adventure

On the coming weekend, on 13.06. and 14.06. Photo + Adventure takes place for the second time. Photography, travel and outdoor in the Landschaftspark in Duisburg. CULLMANN will be there once again.[more]

05. May 2015 |

CULLMANN Strengthens Management Team

CULLMANN GERMANY GmbH has announced today, that it has decided to nominate Guenter Kiener as a new Management Board Member. CULLMANN is one of the world‘s leading providers of tripods and camera bags. As of July 1st, Guenter Kiener will assume the responsibility for both domestic and international sales.[more]

29. April 2015 |


In der aktuellen Ausgabe des Fachmagazins FOTOTEST überzeugte das Top-Modell der CULLMANN CONCEPT ONE OH Kugelkopf-Serie mit stolzen 91,9 von möglichen 100 Punkten und belegte somit den 1. Platz gegen fünf weitere Mitbewerber. Vor allem lobten die Tester die versatzfreie Äquatorklemmung, das exzellente Schwingungsverhalten sowie die Handhabung der Kamera-Schnellkupplung.[more]

23. April 2015 |

25./26.04.2015 Internationalen Laupheimer Fototage: CULLMANN ist dabei!

Auch dieses Jahr präsentiert und verkauft CULLMANN wieder hochwertige Stative, Stativköpfe und Kamerataschen sowie erstklassige Ferngläser von ESCHENBACH OPTIK. Ob perfektes Foto-/Videozubehör oder Ferngläser, wir beraten Sie gerne und freuen uns auf Ihren Besuch.[more]

16. April 2015 |

Practical slingbag: SYDNEY pro CrossPack 400+ with diagonal shoulder strap for more comfort

The new CULLMANN backpack with diagonal shoulder strap offers a vast amount of advantages. With the new SYDNEY pro CrossPack 400+ photographers can conveniently transport and quickly access their equipment. [more]

08. April 2015 |

BUYNORHINO Cycle Tour. Zwei Schwestern, ein Ziel: Rettet das Nashorn!

Aufklärung über das baldige Aussterben der Nashörner durch die ansteigende Wilderei nach dem Horn dieser Tiere, ist das Ziel der BUYNORHINO Cycle Tour der beiden deutsch-südafrikanischen Schwestern Vanessa (30) und Victoria (35).[more]

11. March 2015 |

CULLMANN und Eschenbach: Zwei starke Partner kooperieren im Fachhandel

Die CULLMANN GERMANY GmbH baut ihre Kompetenz im Fachhandel weiter aus und übernimmt ab sofort den Vertrieb der Fernoptik-Produkte für die Eschenbach Optik GmbH.[more]

06. March 2015 |

Verzicht auf Farbe

Das Fotofachmagazin SCHWARZWEISS veranstaltet einen großen Foto-Wettbewerb, der thematisch bewusst offen gehalten ist und sich somit dem gesamten Spektrum der faszinierenden Schwarzweißfotografie widmet. Ob künstlerische Ansätze, Architektur, Landschaft oder Porträt, inhaltlich sind keine Grenzen gesetzt.[more]

18. February 2015 |

Casually and safely out and about with the new ULTRALIGHT sports DayPack 300

The new backpack from CULLMANN is perfectly suitable for outdoor use for amateur photographers and videographers who are keen on sports. With the new ULTRALIGHT sports DayPack 300 CULLMANN has set a clear target, in the interest of its customers: The development of a light but also robust backpack, which offers its users the highest level of comfort and safety.[more]

27. November 2014 |

REVOMAX 535M series available in shops from December

Besides the REVOMAX tripods with centre column, which are already available in shops, the three REVOMAX models with integrated monopod will soon also be available. Depending on the design, the REVOMAX 535M series will be available in combination with ball head, 2-way or 3-way head.[more]

29. September 2014 |

Selection of highlights – run on Hybrid ball heads

Just like in 2012, the photokina 2014 was once again a great success for CULLMANN. The deep interest in the new CONCEPT ONE Hybrid ball heads exceeded all our expectations and confirmed our engagement in the development of unique products the ambitious photographer/videographer expects today.[more]

11. September 2014 |

CULLMANN extends its Hybrid ball head range with the new CONCEPT ONE OH6.5

At the photokina CULLMANN presents the new CONCEPT ONE OH6.5, the currently heaviest model of this range. With the CONCEPT ONE OH6.5 hybrid ball head CULLMANN supplements its range of Hybrid ball heads – with the previous models OH2.5(V) and OH4.5(V) – now with the top model CONCEPT ONE OH6.5(V).[more]

11. September 2014 |

CONCEPT ONE: Two robust monopods for outdoor use

With CONCEPT ONE 650 and CONCEPT ONE 680C CULLMANN now complements the existing range with two monopods. Until now the CONCEPT ONE series only consisted of tripods. Now this series is complemented with the CONCEPT ONE 650 and the CONCEPT ONE 680C, two monopods made of aluminium or carbon.[more]

11. September 2014 |

Ideal for creative ideas: The new multi-function column CONCEPT ONE OXC389

With the new multi-function column, photographers and videographers have a versatile and stable companion for a vast variety of shooting situations. The new multi-function column CONCEPT ONE OXC389 impresses with versatility and stability.[more]

11. September 2014 |

The new REVOMAX tripods from CULLMANN: Because creativity and rootedness not necessarily exclude one another

Unmistakable design and well proven CULLMANN quality distinguish these new REVOMAX tripods. The new REVOMAX tripod range consists of two different tripods and one monopod.[more]

11. September 2014 |

Waterproof, shock-proof and off-road compatible The new XCU camera bags

With the XCU camera bags CULLMANN presents a real photokina highlight. Ambitious outdoor photographers are not afraid of wet weather or dirt when it comes to shooting their best photo or filming the scene of their life.[more]

11. September 2014 |

Low weight, high protection: The new ULTRALIGHT bag range

With the new ULTRALIGHT bags CULLMANN uncompromisingly developed the existing and well proven concept another step forward. By claiming to provide a high level of protection for DSLR cameras, camcorders and accessories with only a low dead weight, the ULTRALIGHT series has become a fully established product for CULLMANN customers. [more]

11. September 2014 |

High quality, minimalistic design: The new SYDNEY pro photo bags

The new SYDNEY pro bag series offers a vast variety of detailed solutions for compact to medium-size equipment. The new SYDNEY pro bag series is the ideal companion for ambitious photographers and videographers who attach great importance to simple design and high quality. [more]

11. September 2014 |

A new edition of a classical design: The PANAMA camera bags

With the new PANAMA camera bags CULLMANN renews a real classic – and, at the same time, supplements the range with a backpack model. PANAMA stands for safe protection for a fair price.[more]