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Professional Photographer Travelling the Desert of Southern Algeria with MAGNESIT and COMO

21. July 2010

Michael Runkel, professional photographer and globetrotter, has travelled some 140 countries since 1989. He works for many of the major stock agencies worldwide.

During Easter time 2010, he went on a nearly two-week trip through Southern Algeria. His equipment included the brand-new MAGNESIT 528 CARBON with the matching ball head MAGNESIT 35 Nm as well as the back pack COMO Crosspack 300.

His trip took him along prehistoric mural paintings, through green oases and their breathtaking palm groves, deep into the canyons of the Tassili n’Ajjer plateau, through dusty dune land and extensive scree slopes. Crossing rocky and stony ground was no problem with the CULLMANN COMO Crosspack. Due to its small size and light weight it was possible to take excellent pictures even in most difficult terrain. Contrary to first expectations, all the important photo accessories could be stowed safely and well accessibly despite the small packed dimension. The travel tripod also showed a convincing performance, it could be set up anytime and everywhere particularly thanks to its easy and quick adaptability to the ground. Accurate alignment was most beneficial especially for macro photography. In particular the tripod deserves special emphasis for its low weight and the really pleasant carrying characteristics. The materials could withstand dust storms, hot and cold temperatures as well as the ever present sand without any problems. Both pieces of equipment thus contributed to making the trip a real photographic success.

A trip through the Caucasus is planned for June, and in late July Northern China, North Korea and Western Tibet will be next on the agenda.

Further information about Michael Runkel can be found at:

We will also report on the trip to Northern China, North Korea and Western Tibet after Michael Runkel’s return. During this trip, too, CULLMANN will support the professional photographer with various products.