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15. November 2013 |

New York, New York: Reisestativ CONCEPT ONE 622T im Großstadtdschungel-Test mit Fotograf Georg Walterskirchen

Mit dem CONCEPT ONE 622T bietet CULLMANN ein Reisestativ, dass Städtereisen genauso selbstverständlich mitmacht wie einen Outdoor-Trip.[more]

27. September 2013 |

SIENTATE 2013: 2000 km on the road in Indochina by bicycle, red armchair and travel tripod CONCEPT ONE 622T

“There are moments in life when one asks oneself, why do I do this to me?”, 23.09.13 /Blog entry Stefan Sirtl, who is portraying people in Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and Cambodia together with his girlfriend Indre Leseviciute.[more]

24. May 2011 |

Photo journalist Tobias Hauser explores Cuba with the MAGNESIT 528 Carbon

In mid-April of this year, Tobias Hauser took five photography enthusiasts to the eastern region of Cuba for the very first time. His equipment included the ultra-light carbon tripod CULLMANN MAGNESIT 528C, the ball head CULLMANN MAGNESIT MB6.3, and two Canon EOS 5 Mark II with a selection of lenses.[more]

16. May 2011 |

Professional photographer N. Beaumont travelling with travel tripod NANOMAX 200T

The french professional photographer Nicolas Beaumont tested on his last trip to China, the tripod NANOMAX 200T. Even when shooting at night with a Canon 1D MKII convinced the small travel pod with a good impression. [more]

10. December 2010 |

850 kilometres through the Arctic Ocean in a folding kayak. And CULLMANN was there!

Jürgen Schütte’s unusual kayak trip was launched from Longyearbyen, the capital of the island archipelago. His paddling partner dropped out after only two weeks for health reasons. So Jürgen Schütte made his way north alone.[more]

21. July 2010 |

Professional Photographer Travelling the Desert of Southern Algeria with MAGNESIT and COMO

Michael Runkel, professional photographer and globetrotter, has travelled some 140 countries since 1989. He works for many of the major stock agencies worldwide.[more]

28. June 2010 |

Tobias Hauser with CULLMANN in Cuba

Tobias Hauser, photographer, photojournalist, author and the organiser of MUNDOlogia, has been on a successful photo tour, together with selected CULLMANN products.[more]

22. February 2010 |

CULLMANN supports kayak expedition to the North Pole

From Norway to the North Pole by canoe. In just 100 days Jürgen Schütte and Heike Robinson plan to travel around 2000 km by canoe and photograph the beauty of Spitsbergen.[more]

05. November 2009 |

Professional photographer Tobias Hauser tests CULLMANN photo equipment

On his last tour to Costa Rica in October 2009, he tested CULLMANN MAGNESIT tripods, along with the seven tour participants, who were all enthusiastic amateur photographers.[more]

01. November 2009 |

3200 km across Alaska - Chris Breier is back!

After more than four months in Alaska, Chris Breier is back. The travel journalist withstood dust, snow, and rain, and was impressed by the quality of CULLMANN products.[more]

12. August 2009 |

Portrait, landscape and nude photos shoots with CULLMANN

On Saturday 22 August 2009, it's once again time for dedicated and aspiring amateur photographers to “open the aperture”. In collaboration with CULLMANN and CeWe Color, the German Association for Photography (DVF) is organising an informative one-day workshop at Lake Baldeney near Essen.[more]

12. July 2009 |

CULLMANN further expands its commitment to “Blende” – Europe's largest photo competition for amateurs

In addition to supporting the national finals of “Blende 09”, CULLMANN has also decided to promote the preliminary rounds, which are organised by various newspapers, with the donation of tripods from the new MAGNESIT line. In this, CULLMANN is working in conjunction with the national newspaper jungeWelt Berlin.[more]

02. May 2009 |

Chris Breier goes on an expedition across Alaska!

Chris Breier, globetrotter and travel/photojournalist, has been travelling since 1989, primarily in Canada and Alaska. In May this year he set off across Alaska on a recumbent trike. He took with him a brand new MAGNESIT 525 tripod, along with a MAGNESIT 25 Nm ball head plus CULLMANN COMO Maxima 300 and COMO Action 300 camera bags.[more]

24. April 2009 |

CULLMANN supports "Blende" - Europe's largest photo competition for amateurs

"We are proud to be actively supporting this project and we are already looking forward to the participants' fresh and unconventional ideas."[more]