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Made of CNC-machined aluminium, hard anodized to protect against environmental influences and scratches as well as the highly accurate workmanship, these ball head is a perfect tool for unique photographs.
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Technicality details
Carrying capacity 5 kg
Weight 270 g
Height 80 mm
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The ball head MUNDO MUB2.5B is equipped with a sturdy QRC-system (Arca compatible) with1/4 inch connecting screw as well as three integrated bubble levels for accurate alignment. The MUB2.5B guarantees a load bearing capacity of 5 kg and is equipped with an All-In-One clamping, which opens ball and horizontal path at the same time and thus allows quick positioning of the camera. With the standardized 1/4 inch connection thread the MUNDO MUB 2.5B can be mounted to any conventional tripod with 1/4 inch thread.

Particularly suitable for photographers with mirrorless camera systems or for users of compact DSLR cameras.  

The ball head MUNDO MUB4.5B offers an even higher load bearing capacity and a separated 3-way clamping system – more information under MUNDO MUB ball heads.

Features MUNDO MUB2.5B:

  • Made of machined aluminium
  • Arca compatible QRC-System
  • Each with three bubble levels for accurate alignment
  • Load bearing capacity 5 kg
  • All-in-One clamping
  • Fastening via 1/4 inch connection thread


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