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  MUNDO 550ST, black
MUNDO 550ST, black
Item Number: 55401
The MUNDO monopod 550ST is equipped with a swivel base. The monopod offers the medium working height in the product series and is suitable for compact cameras, DSLR and video cameras.
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Technicality details
Max height 158 cm
Min height 45 cm
Packed dimension 45,5 cm
Carrying capacity 7 kg
Weight 790 g
MUNDO 550ST, black
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The MUNDO 550ST offers a working height between 45 and 158 cm. It is made of aluminium and features an adapter plate with an 1/4โ€™ to 3/8 camera screw. The swivel base creates smooth movements of the monopod, a non-slip rubbert foot secures the stand even on wet ground. The quick-clamp of the monodpod, a carrying loop and the foam covering round off the functionality of the MUNDO 550ST

For the MUNDO 550, CULLMANN offers a 10-year warranty.


  • Robust monopod made of aluminium
  • Adapter plate with 1/4โ€™ to 3/8โ€™ camera screw
  • Practical carrying loop
  • Protective foam covering
  • Quick-clamp of monopod leg
  • Non-slip rubber foot
  • Swivel base
MUNDO 550ST, black
MUNDO 550ST, black


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