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  CUlight V 170BC flat
CUlight V 170BC flat
LED video lights with extremely flat casing
Item Number: 61600
The LED video lights CUlight V 170BC flat and CUlight VR 500 BC flat are built extremely flat. They convince with their high colour rendering index (CRI > 95). Two models are available: The CUlight V 170BC flat is the smaller, the CUlight VR 500BC flat the larger model.
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Technicality details
Depth 17 mm
Width 175 mm
Height 188 mm
Weight 200 g


The flat design and the removable swivel foot allow putting the lights directly onto the camera or using it as a space-saving alternative for table-top photography as well as in smaller studios. By locating the LEDs at the side of the light, this form has become possible.
The lights guarantee a glare-free illumination, even when looking directly into the lights. The lights are run by Sony NP-F970 power packs. The Model V 170BC needs one pack, the model 500BC is run with two packs. In addition, the CUIight V 170 BC features a battery basket, which holds six AA batteries or power packs. A power supply unit is part of the delivery of the VR 500BC.
Both models differ in size and weight: The CUlight V 170BC is 175 mm x 188 mm x 17 mm large, weighing 200 g (without battery). The CUlight VR 500BC is 360 mm x 240 mm x 27 mm large, weighing 920 g without battery.
The CUlight VR 500BC can be controlled by a remote control and can be integrated into up to six groups with a total of 16 lights.


  1. Suitable for photo and video cameras
  2. Glare-free illumination even with direct view into the lights
  3. Very flat casing due to LEDs located at the side
  4. High colour rendering index (CRI > 95)
  5. Removable swivel foot
  6. Individual control of several lights with a remote control (model VR 500BC flat)
  7. Power supply by Sony NP-F970 power pack
  8. Including battery basket for six AA batteries or power packs
CUlight V 170BC flat
CUlight V 170BC flat
CUlight V 170BC flat
CUlight V 170BC flat


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