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  BeltPod Quick-Set
BeltPod Quick-Set
Item Number: 53681
The BeltPod Quick-Set camera carrying system is particularly suitable for all those who are on the road without bags and exchange lenses, and who would like to use their camera just for snapshots (street photography, etc.). With its robust and adjustable waist belt the camera is carried comfortably near the body, tha hands are free and your freedom of movement is not impaired. The release button on the quick-release buckle of the waist belt prevents accidental removal of the camera.
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Technicality details
Weight 260 g
Suited to


More technicality details:
Packed dimension 21 cm
Carrying capacity 4 kg


The well established CULLMANN QRC System* for cameras ensures secure and reliable fastening of the camera. The CX470 QRC System* plate with its 1/4 inch camera connecting screw ensures a stable connection between BeltPod and camera. Two removable, soft support pads of different dimensions to suit different lens diameters ensure that the optics fitted are held securely when running. Due to the use of micro-fibre material the Set does not lose its comfortable carrying feel, even after longer use.
Combined with CULLMANN's FLEXX products, there are further multi-functional possibilities for the BeltPod Quick-Set to be used.


  • Quicker camera use thanks to the waist belt with the quick release belt fastening system
  • Adjustable waist belt ensures comfortable and secure camera transport
  • Includes the CX470 QRC System* plate with a 1/4 inch camera connection screw
  • QRC System* unit with integrated release button prevents accidental removal of the camera
  • Comfortable to wear thanks to the use of microfibre
  • Two soft support pads for various lens diameters ensure safe grip when running
  • Multi-functional possibilities for use when combined with CULLMANN's FLEXX products
  • Ideal for DSLR cameras and mirrorless system cameras

* QRC System is an abbreviation for CULLMANN Quick-Release Coupling System

BeltPod Quick-Set
BeltPod Quick-Set
BeltPod Quick-Set


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