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with ball head REVOMAX RB5.1
The new NANOMAX series, the so-called series 4, consists of a total of six different tripods and one monopod with ball head. The complete series 4 convinces with even higher quality, well thought-out detailed solutions and practice oriented operation. The triangular aluminium profile for tripod legs and centre column, which ensures reliable anti-twist protection, is a special feature of all new NANOMAX models.
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High quality materials like anodized aluminium profile for tripod legs, a protecting foam padding of the upper tripod legs, simple, intuitive operation, unmistakable design in combination with a sturdy aluminium ball head RB5.1, this is the new monopod NANOMAX 490 RB5.1.

Well thought-out detail solutions, such as e.g. the design of tripod legs with their triangular aluminium profile, ensure reliable and extremely secure standing. The comfortably to operate tripod leg clips ensure quick adjustment and secure standing of the monopod. The robust rubber foot ensures secure standing and the modern as well as independent design sensibly rounds of the well thought-out further development of the well-known monopod range series 2.

The ball head RB5.1, which is completely made of aluminium, is the ideal supplement for the NANOMAX 490 monopod. The separated 2-fold clamping must be specially emphasized, i.e. the ball for horizontal clamping can be separately operated, the solid camera plate with cork padding and the 1/4 inch camera connection screw.

The extension height of 164 cm and the load bearing capacity of 2.5 kg make the NANOMAX 490 RB5.1 the ideal monopod for all ambitious photographers and videographers. Due to its outstanding stability despite its dead weight of only 445 g (including the ball head RB5.1) , the monopod NANOMAX 490 RB5.1 is the ideal solution for CSC cameras, small and light DSLR cameras as well as Bridge cameras and  camcorders.

Features of the NANOMAX 490 RB5.1:

  • Tripod legs made of anodised aluminium profiles
  • Protective foam padding of the top of the tripod leg
  • Anti-twist protected tripod leg thanks to the triangular profile design
  • Convenient quick-action clips for comfortable monopod adjustment
  • Stable and secure stand because of robust tripod leg clamping
  • Robust rubber foot for skid-prove standing
  • Aluminium ball head with separate 2-fold clamping
  • Standard 1/4 inch tripod connection thread – suitable for products from other manufacturers
  • Solid camera plate with cork padding and 1/4 inch camera connection screw
  • Suitable for CSC-cameras and medium size DSLR-cameras


  • Ideal monopod for ambitious photographers and videographers
  • Anodised aluminium tube for safe, stable standing
  • Protective foam padding of the top of the tripod leg
  • Aluminium ball head with separate 2-fold clamping
  • 10 year manufacturer's warranty


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