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As close as possible: With the latest macro accessories for MUNDO tripods from CULLMANN

08. March 2017

In order to position the camera even closer to the object, CULLMANN expands its range of accessories with two macro adapters , ballheads and a macro kit.

No matter whether macro or table top photography: Positioning the camera as close as possible to the object requires appropriate aids. With new accessories CULLMANN extends the accessory range for the MUNDO tripod series – and helps photographers to make unique shots with a clear view for any detail.

The macro adapters allow you to use the camera even more precisely. Two models are available to choose from: MA522 made for tripods of the MUNDO series 522T, MA525 matching the tripod series MUNDO 525M. Both adapters are CNC-machined from high quality aluminium and black anodized as protection against scratches and environmental influences. The macro adapters can be fastened to ball heads or 2-/3-way heads via the Arca compatible QRC, or via the standardized 3/8 inch connection thread. Two 1/4 inch connection threads on the top serve the purpose of fastening additional accessories like e.g. a gooseneck for positioning a flash or an LED-lamp.

Further convenient accessories come with the macro kit CROSS CX668. It consists of a xxmm long, flexible gooseneck, a separate hot shoe and a sturdy fixing clamp. Clamp and hot shoe are fastened to the gooseneck via a 1/4 inch connection thread and thus ensure secure fastening of flashes or LED-lamps.

The MUNDO ball heads MUB2.5B and MUB4.5B round of the macro accessories. They are machined from aluminium, come with an Arca compatible QRC System and are each equipped with three bubble levels for highly accurate alignment. The differences between the two models are their size, load bearing capacity and clamping. The smaller model, the MUNDO MU2.5B, has a load bearing capacity of five kilograms and is fastened by means of an All-In-One clamping system. The bigger variant, the MUNDO MUB4.5B, has a load bearing capacity of eight kilogram and a 2-way clamping system, i.e. ball and horizontal way can be clamped separately – an absolute must for panorama shots and horizontal video pans.

Features of the macro adapters MA522 and MA525:

  • Matches the tripod series MUNDO 522T (MA522) and MUNDO 525M (MA525)
  • Made of CNC-machined high quality aluminium
  • Black anodized for additional protection
  • Arca compatible QRC for fastening to ball heads or 2-/3-way heads
  • Additional standardized 3/8 inch connection thread for fastening
  • Two 1/4 inch connection threads on the top for mounting accessories
  • Can be used with any tripod with separate centre column Ø 22 mm or 24 mm

Features of the macro kit CROSS CX668:

  • 430 mm long, flexible gooseneck plus separate hot shoe with 1/4 inch connection thread
  • Sturdy fastening clamp with 1/4 inch connection thread

Features of the MUNDO ball heads MUB2.5B and MUB4.5B:

  • Made of machined aluminium
  • Arca compatible QRC-System
  • Each with three bubble levels for accurate alignment
  • Load bearing capacity: 5 kg (MUB2.5B) and 8 kg (MUB4.5B)
  • All-in-One clamping (MUB2.5B) and 2-way-clamping (MUB4.5B)
  • Fastening via 1/4 inch connection thread

MUNDO macro adapter MA522
MUNDO macro adapter MA525
MUNDO macro kit CROSS CX668
MUNDO ball head MUB2.5B
MUNDO ball head MUB4.5B