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Different, but still unchanged: The new CULLMANN MADRID TWO Maxima 320+ camera bag

19. August 2015

With the MADRID TWO CULLMANN proves that even best-sellers can still be improved with just little changes.

The MADRID bag series is one of the fast moving items in the portfolio of CULLMANN. Customers, above all, value the flexibility and adaptability as photo or leisure bag. The developers at CULLMANN therefore faced a target for updating this series: Implement changes, but without affecting the MADRID typical appearance of the bag. With the MADRID TWO Maxima 320+ this has been achieved most impressively.

The basic design remained unchanged. The MADRID TWO Maxima 320+ comes as a modern Messenger style camera bag with a bias-cut bag lid – the unmistakable identification mark of all MADRID bags. However, there is still something new on the bag lid: at the bag edges the lid reaches further down and thus protects the camera equipment perfectly against moisture. Apart from this, the bag lid has two snap fasteners, which will keep the bag reliably closed in any situation.

The first model in the MADRID TWO series is the Maxima 320+. It features a flexible inside division with protecting padding and convenient additional compartments. An integrated compartment for notebooks up to a size of 10.1 inches is also standard. The removable camera insert is particularly useful. Once it has been removed, the MADRID TWO Maxima 320+ changes from a camera bag to a handbag with just a flick of the wrist.

To be able to met the requirements of different possibilities of use, the Maxima 320+ is available in two different colours and materials. It will be on the market in the classical black design made of water repellent polyester 600D, or in hard-wearing, natural colour cotton (canvas).

The MADRID TWO Maxima 320+ is most suitable for compact DSLR cameras, as well as for CSC-models.

Features of the MADRID TWO Maxima 320+:

  • High quality camera bag in modern Messenger style
  • All around bag lid to protect against rain
  • Flexible inside division with protective padding
  • Protected slide-in compartment for notebooks of up to 10.1 inch in size
  • Fastening loops for a tripod
  • Two different materials: Polyester or cotton

MADRID TWO Maxima 320+ black
MADRID TWO Maxima 320+ canvas