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Photo journalist Tobias Hauser explores Cuba with the MAGNESIT 528 Carbon

24. May 2011

In addition to his work as a photo journalist, Freiburg-born Tobias Hauser hosts photo and adventure excursions to Cuba and Costa Rica each year. In mid-April of this year, Hauser took five photography enthusiasts to the eastern region of Cuba for the very first time. His equipment included two Canon EOS 5 Mark II, several lenses, the ultra-light carbon tripod MAGNESIT 528C, and the ball head MAGNESIT MB6.3

Here is what he reported back:
It is a particularly attractive idea to tour the eastern part of Cuba, which is a lot less tourism-influenced than the rest of the island. The region has a lot to offer in terms of cultural and historical highlights. And not to forget: the Sierra Maestra, an absolutely breathtaking mountain range. We spent quite a few days there, as we planned to climb Cuba's highest peak, the Pico Turquino (1,974 above sea level). Walking and climbing is of course a lot more fun if you don't have to lug around heavy baggage - as a photo journalist, however, it can be quite difficult to cut back on equipment.

The MAGNESIT 528C tripod from ultra-light carbon was the absolutely perfect choice for this trip. It weight a tiny 2.2 kg, but is highly robust, and has proven to be indispensable - particularly in rugged terrain. The four-way leg angle adjustment, which allows for a working height of as little as 18 cm, made possible some beautiful macro shots close to the ground without a hitch. Completely reliable was also the MAGNESIT MB 6.3 ball head with quick coupling MX445. It was extremely user-friendly and precise in terms of setup. None of that usual annoying settling after lots of fiddly adjustment!

It is really exciting for me to create portraits of Cubans in their private environments. Here too, in the apartments and houses of the people we saw, that same tripod was hugely useful as well. I also used the video function of my camera quite a lot on this trip to capture interviews and some very interesting scenes. The easy handling and well thought-out functions and features of the MAGNESIT 528C have made my work an absolute breeze in that area as well.

Some of the images and videos captured during that trip will be shown as part of Hauser's new live presentation entitled 'Cuba between dreams and reality', which will be touring a number of German and Swiss cities starting in autumn of 2012.