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850 kilometres through the Arctic Ocean in a folding kayak. And CULLMANN was there!

10. December 2010

The island archipelago of "Svalbard” is situated halfway between the northernmost point of Norway and the North Pole, right in the Arctic Ocean. It is an inhospitable place for humans. The sun doesn’t set for months and you lose all sense of time. Sometimes the air is so clear that distant objects appear close enough to touch. At other times, fog covers the land in a grey veil for days. In recent years Svalbard has been known from media reports about the melting of glaciers and the ice sheet.


Jürgen Schütte’s unusual kayak trip was launched from Longyearbyen, the capital of the island archipelago. His paddling partner dropped out after only two weeks for health reasons. So Jürgen Schütte made his way north alone. He followed in the footsteps of explorers such as Nansen and Amundsen and explored the settlements of the Pomors, who inhabited the island in past centuries as whalers and hunters.


After a kayak trip of almost two months, the return to Longyearbyen was made on the largest Norwegian icebreaker, the "Svalbard". A geologist led Jürgen Schütte to the "oldest forest in the world.” In Svea, one of the last mining settlements on the island and the last stop on the journey home, there are only about 15 kilometres of road, but many times that distance that you can drive a car through the mine world. A coal cargo ship brought Jürgen Schütte and his equipment back to "warm" Germany.


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