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25. February 2010 |

The practical bag for the hip – VIGO HipPack: the new camera bag from CULLMANN

Made from an extremely durable and water-repellent nylon material, the CULLMANN VIGO HipPack 300 bags provide optimum protection for compact cameras, the new generation of space-saving camcorders, and also sat navs and mobile phones.[more]

18. February 2010 |

The all-inclusive tripod. For price-conscious photographers and video enthusiasts

Both PRIMAX tripods, the PRIMAX 150 and the PRIMAX 180, offer complete all-round equipment with a compact 3-way head, camera quick release system, smooth crank column, practical tripod bag and a 3-year warranty.[more]

19. January 2010 |

CULLMANN discovers the check pattern - the new BERLIN range of bags.

With their minimalist design, the new BERLIN Compact and BERLIN Vario camera bags are fashionable and trendy.[more]

14. January 2010 |

Outdoor meets lifestyle – the new CULLMANN DOVER camera bag.

The new DOVER camera bag from CULLMANN represents a variable bag concept. Durable nylon or elegant leather, according to your personal taste and how you use the bag.[more]

25. November 2009 |

Camera bag or leisure bag - the MADRID camera bag can be both!

Safely packed in soft fleece - whether a DSLR with lens attached plus two additional lenses, or just a compact camera, wallet, mobile phone, MP3 player etc.[more]

20. November 2009 |

Classic on the outside, colourful on the inside – the new CULLMANN SYDNEY camera bags.

In spite, or perhaps because, of this grey time of year, the fresh bright colours of the lining – orange, purple and blue – evoke memories of summer.[more]

18. November 2009 |

Secure storage in a variety of colours – CULLMANN expands its range of hard cases.

The LAGOS hard cases from CULLMANN stand for security, colour and design. These ‘bodyguards’ for compact cameras now come in two further sizes and in bright blue.[more]

28. October 2009 |

New generation of NANOMAX – a space-saving monopod is added to the range of CULLMANN tripods

After the great success of the NANOMAX series of aluminium tripods, CULLMANN is expanding the range. The new 4-position extendable NANOMAX 290 monopod is designed for beginners who are enthusiastic about photography and videography and are looking for clever complete solutions.[more]

23. September 2009 |

Safe in your hand or on your back – the new CULLMANN VIGO photo backpacks

The new CULLMANN VIGO photo backpacks, available in classic subtle black or with bright red tones, provide space for digital SLR cameras with lens attached.[more]

22. September 2009 |

Elegance in autumnal shades: the new PORTO line of leather cases from CULLMANN

The new PORTO leather cases for compact cameras from CULLMANN have an exclusive appearance in caramel-brown leather.[more]

20. August 2009 |

Refreshingly colourful ‘wet suit’ for compact cameras from CULLMANN

The soft, high-quality neoprene is extremely flexible, pleasing to the touch and provides optimum protection for various camera sizes.[more]

17. August 2009 |

CULLMANN enters the notebook bag business

The new, wide-ranging e-carrier range currently includes 22 models for 10" to 17" notebooks and for mobile accessories such as hard disks, sat navs etc.[more]

12. August 2009 |

Lots of fun – the handheld tripod from CULLMANN

A fun/special tripod of a different kind from CULLMANN is the 2-position extendable handheld tripod made of aluminium. This allows you to take photos over people's heads, to create original self-portraits or to take professional control shots of difficult to access areas.[more]

16. July 2009 |

CULLMANN turns to nature – elegant leather on soft-shell camera bags

The success of the CULLMANN SHELL COVER neoprene bags for compact cameras has led to two exclusive leather variants in red and black being added to the range.[more]

14. July 2009 |

Colourful or just cool: CULLMANN LAGOS camera bags in two new colours and sizes.

Whether you prefer jazzy pink or a cool black carbon look, the two new colours of the LAGOS hard case line offer a fresh feeling for the summer.[more]

20. May 2009 |

Hard on the outside - soft on the inside: the new hard cases for compact cameras

The new LAGOS hard-shell cases from CULLMANN come in three different sizes and six fresh and stylish colours.[more]

20. May 2009 |

New line of elegant bags - BILBAO from CULLMANN

Modern materials, clean lines and timeless elegance define the new BILBAO line of bags from CULLMANN.[more]

15. May 2009 |

10 years' warranty on the new MAGNESIT and NANOMAX tripods

In June, the new MAGNESIT and NANOMAX tripods from CULLMANN will be launched on the market. Customers will be given the opportunity to extend their warranty to 10 years if they register their tripod with CULLMANN within four weeks of the date of purchase.[more]

15. May 2009 |

CULLMANN re-launches its website

On 15 May 2009 the re-launched website of CULLMANN Foto Audio Video GmbH in Langenzenn will be going online. The website has been completely updated in terms of content and graphics and laid out in an attractive and clear manner.[more]

02. April 2009 |

The new MAGNESIT and NANOMAX universal tripods from CULLMANN

With eleven models in its new MAGNESIT series of tripods, CULLMANN can offer a range that meets every wish.[more]

09. January 2009 |

Como Daypack and Como Crosspack from CULLMANN

The new extensive Como range of bags from CULLMANN is supplemented by practical photo backpacks that can meet the widest variety of requirements.[more]

09. January 2009 |

Como 3Flex from CULLMANN wins Plus X Award

The new Como 3Flex photo backpack from CULLMANN, the winner of the Plus X Award for ease of operation, is the highlight of the CULLMANN bag range.[more]

09. January 2009 |

CULLMANN Como camera bags and photo backpacks

The new Como bags and backpacks from CULLMANN are a range of stylish all-terrain bags for professional and amateur photographers. Their shape, colour and functionality give Como bags the potential to become real classics.[more]

21. October 2008 |

SHELL and SPORTS COVER ranges of bags

The new CULLMANN SHELL COVER bags are extraordinarily flexible, extremely versatile and also a real eye-catcher.[more]

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