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06. February 2018 |

Klein, leicht, kompakt: Das MUNDO 518T Reisestativ von CULLMANN

Langenzenn, 06. Februar 2018 - Mit dem MUNDO 518T erweitert CULLMANN die erfolgreiche MUNDO Stativserie um ein kleines, leichtes und kompaktes Reisestativ, das sich auch als Tischstativ eignet.[more]

12. December 2017 |

Hohe Qualität und günstiger Preis: Die neue Stativserie CROSS von CULLMANN

Die neue Stativserie CROSS erfüllt die Ansprüche vieler Fotografen an Preis, Qualität und Produktvarianten. Preis und Qualität – das sind für viele Fotografen die entscheidenden Faktoren, wenn sie das passende Zubehör für ihre Kamera suchen.[more]

01. December 2017 |

Große Auswahl, klassischer Look: Die neuen MALAGA Taschen von CULLMANN

Für ambitionierte Hobbyfotografen zählt nicht nur die Kamera. Auch die Tasche steht im Fokus. Mit den neuen MALAGA Taschen präsentiert CULLMANN eine Serie, die vor allem durch ihre Vielfalt überzeugt.[more]

24. November 2017 |

Neue Kombi für bewährte Serie: Die MUNDO Stativserie von CULLMANN gibt’s jetzt in neuen Sets

Die Stativserie MUNDO hat sich als Reisestativ bei Fotografen fest etabliert. Jetzt legt CULLMANN nach: Die bereits verfügbaren Modelle 522T, 525M und 525MC sind auch in Kombination mit dem 3-Wege-Kopf OT35 oder dem Hybrid Kugelkopf OH2.5V erhältlich.[more]

25. October 2017 |

Ausgezeichnet vom renommierten Plus X Award: Die Stativserie MUNDO von CULLMANN

Die Stativserie MUNDO von CULLMANN wurde vom PLUS X AWARD als einzige Stativserie mit der Bewertung „High Quality und Design 2017/2018“ ausgezeichnet. Dies ist eine weitere Bestätigung für die erstklassige Qualität der CULLMANN Produkte.[more]

19. October 2017 |

Klein, handlich, leistungsstark: Das neue Blitzgerät CUlight FR 36 von CULLMANN – und neue Varianten für CUlight FR 60 und CUlight RT 500

Mit dem neuen Blitzgerät CUlight FR 36 und den neuen Produktvarianten für das Blitzgerät CUlight FR 60 und den Transmitter CUlight RT 500 erweitert der Zubehörspezialist CULLMANN sein Angebot in Sachen Blitztechnik.[more]

17. October 2017 |

Trendy, compact and colourful: The new RIO Fit bag range

Langenzenn, 17th of October 2017 - Analogue photography with instant cameras is the latest trend. With the new RIO Fit bag series CULLMANN now provides the matching storage facility for the Fujifilm Instax Mini 8/9 camera – and makes it a “Must-Have”. [more]

10. October 2017 |

More power for CUlight video lamps and video cameras with the new CULLMANN CUpower powerpacks

Langenzenn, October 10, 2017 - Anyone who wants to capture the most exciting moments in life on video, needs adequate power for camera and video lamp. With the new CUpower powerpacks the accessories specialist CULLMANN now provides sufficient electric power when filming family events, holidays and other events.[more]

08. March 2017 |

As close as possible: With the latest macro accessories for MUNDO tripods from CULLMANN

In order to position the camera even closer to the object, CULLMANN expands its range of accessories with two macro adapters , ballheads and a macro kit. No matter whether macro or table top photography: Positioning the camera as close as possible to the object requires appropriate aids.[more]

19. January 2017 |

Robust, flexible and spacious: The new outdoor backpacks PERU from CULLMANN

With the PERU models CULLMANN demonstrates its experience with backpacks in a totally new conception. Ambitious outdoor photographers are not only active in fair weather. They therefore need a backpack which is robust, comfortable to carry and allows quick access to the stored camera. [more]

12. January 2017 |

The new BOSTON bag range from CULLMANN: A unique linkage of design, quakity and functionality

With the BOSTON series of bags CULLMANN, right at the beginning of the year, presents a model range, which is mainly characterized by its special locking system. Moreover, the existing series MADRID and STOCKHOLM are extended by new sizes.[more]

14. September 2016 |

Small, light, stable – and good looking: The new MUNDO tripod range from CULLMANN

Light photo equipment for travelling is fully in line with the trend. With the new MUNDO tripod range CULLMANN presents the ideal companion for any journey.[more]

14. September 2016 |

Integrated radio control for more creativity: The new CUlight FR 60 flash from CULLMANN

An external flash not only creates better light conditions, it also gives photographers the opportunity to lift their creativity to new levels. [more]

14. September 2016 |

CUlight: New product range for top-class illumination of videos

Video fans use the new LED video lights to to put their work in perspective. YouTube is booming and almost all photo cameras are able to shoot high quality videos. However, its the correct illumination that many video fans are missing.[more]

14. September 2016 |

Always at hand: The new mini travel tripods NEOMAX from CULLMANN

With the new range of NEOMAX mini tripods CULLMANN launches a new series of tripods, a totally new definition of the term “small”.[more]

14. September 2016 |

Camera bags in leisure look: The new STOCKHOLM bag series from CULLMANN

The STOCKHOLM bags appear Scandinavian clear and without frills – for all those for whom photographing is part of their lifestyle. Many photo enthusiasts always have their noble compact camera or CSC camera at hand – and it needs a dedicated place in the bag.[more]

03. February 2016 |

Increase in Small and Big: CULLMANN extends the MADRID TWO Maxima bag series

The new CULLMANN MADRID TWO Maxima 425+ and Maxima 125+ supplement the series with two convenient sizes. The two new MADRID TWO bags also appear in the typical CULLMANN MADRID design. [more]

12. January 2016 |

All you need for your selfies: The new CULLMANN SMARTselfie Easy, Free and Zoom

CULLMANN extends its portfolio of high quality selfie sticks with three models and four colours. Also in the product range of selfie sticks CULLMANN believes in quality and ease of operation.[more]

12. January 2016 |

The new CULLMANN SMARTpano 360 / 360CP panorama heads – new viewing angles (not only) for selfies

Selfies and panorama shots – two trends that can be excellently linked with the new electronic panorama heads. Selfies are currently the most popular photos taken with mobile phones. Just on your own, with friends and, above all, taken spontaneously, are currently all the fashion. [more]

07. October 2015 |

Quick access to the camera: The new CULLMANN PANAMA CrossPack 200

With CrossPack 200 CULLMANN extends the existing range of PANAMA backpacks by adding a Sling model. Whether hiking trip or city tour: Many photographers preferably stow their compact DSLR and CSC-camera equipment in a backpack. [more]

07. October 2015 |

More colour and versatility: The new LAGOS camera bags from CULLMANN

With the new LAGOS camera bags CULLMANN offers a fashionable change for compact, CSC and Bridge cameras – and supplements the existing series with new models, which are especially adapted to the corresponding camera types.[more]

17. September 2015 |

Safely stored – with the new CULLMANN accessories for cameras, lenses and more

The new CULLMANN CAMERA CONTAINERS, LENS CONTAINERS and the XCU DryBags protect your photo and video equipment as well as additional equipment reliably against water, dust and damage.[more]

17. September 2015 |

A classic comes in colour: BERLIN Vario and Compact in new colour variations

Users of compact cameras, CSC-cameras, smartphones and other e-gadgets trust in the BERLIN bag series from CULLMANN already for a long time. With the new colours the company now addresses a younger target group.[more]

19. August 2015 |

Different, but still unchanged: The new CULLMANN MADRID TWO Maxima 320+ camera bag

With the MADRID TWO CULLMANN proves that even best-sellers can still be improved with just little changes. The MADRID bag series is one of the fast moving items in the portfolio of CULLMANN. Customers, above all, value the flexibility and adaptability as photo or leisure bag.[more]

12. August 2015 |

More space for compacts: CULLMANN ULTRALIGHT pro Compact 400

The new ULTRALIGHT pro Compact 400 supplements the existing ULTRALIGHT bag series at the top end – and thereby provides even more space for bigger compact cameras and camcorders.[more]

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