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Acid test passed: "Very good" for TITAN TB8.6 ball head

23. January 2013

"It seems that this solid and 1.2 kg heavy ball head has not only been manufactured to last one lifetime, but several instead." the trade magazine FOTOTEST starts the test description of the  new ball head TITAN TB8.6 in its edition 01/2013 and emphasizes the robust design of this high-end ball head.

As mentioned in this magazine, the TITAN ball head resists any vibrations and holds the camera tight and securely in position. It also described the ergonomical operation of the clamping function, which can even be securely controlled with gloves, as as highly effective. The 20 year manufacturer's warranty is another plus of the TITAN ball head.

The "Multi-Generation Ball Head" Titan TB8.6 has been rated "very good" by FOTOTEST and is additionally awarded with the "Highlight" seal for its excellent performance.

An acknowledgement for the quality “Made in Germany”.
We are very happy and grateful about this award and would like to express our gratitude!

You can read the complete test report with all competitors in the current FOTOTEST edition 01/2013.

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