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Tobias Hauser with CULLMANN in Cuba

28. June 2010

Tobias Hauser, photographer, photojournalist, author and the organiser of MUNDOlogia, the largest festival of reportage in Europe, has been on a photo tour, together with selected CULLMANN products.

This time his destination was once again Cuba, where he went to capture the current mood in the country for his new presentation and to talk to people about their vision for the future. The result included some fascinating photographs that show, without any words whatsoever, the tension between the ambitions and the reality of Communism. In the Sierra Maestra, Cuba's highest mountain chain, he also met men who once fought in the mountains alongside Fidel Castro and Che Guevara for freedom and justice.

Once again, we supported Tobias Hauser on this trip with various tripods, tripod heads and bags, which had to withstand some difficult conditions. These new experiences will be analysed together with Tobias Hauser and will form the best basis for making improvements, for coming up with ideas and for implementing new CULLMANN products.

More information about Tobias Hauser and the MUNDOlogia festival of reportage can be found here