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Professional photographer N. Beaumont travelling with travel tripod NANOMAX 200T

16. May 2011

The french professional photographer Nicolas Beaumont tested on his last trip to China, the tripod NANOMAX 200T. Even when shooting at night with a Canon 1D MKII convinced the small travel pod with a good impression.

Read the full review of Nicolas Beaumont:
For travelling it’s important to be light; the lighter you are, the easier it is. You can go close to people, you can enjoy more landscapes, and you discover more places. But as soon as you travel for making pictures you start to be heavy! Heavy cameras, heavy lenses, heavy batteries, heavy tripod!

And if you can’t make pictures without camera or lens, some think you can without a tripod; that’s not true! I consider that you can’t make good pictures without a tripod. You need it for night pictures, you need it for long lens, and you need it for small aperture like f/16, f/22 or better f/32. When I discovered the Nanomax 200T my first impression was really good : it was really light ! And after a second look the impression was still good; it was short. When I’m travelling I don’t need a long tripod, I prefer a short and light one; easy to put in a common backpack.

I’m travelling with heavy bodies (Canon 1D Mk II and IV) and heavy lenses like 70-200 f/2,8 or 16-35 f/2,8. The first time I put my camera on the Nanomax 200T I was again really well surprised : all was really stable, so I was able to make some night shots in Shanghai.

After that I travelled (almost) light during one month through China from Shanghai to Kunming via Beijing and Xi’an. I was able to do all kind of pictures for my clients and for me; night shots of course but also long exposure & small aperture (f/22) in front of Shanghai station.

Even if the Nanomax 200T is not certified for more the 2kg I often worked with heavy gear on it, for exemple on the great wall near Beijing; it was loaded with the 1D Mk IV and 70-200 f/2,8 L; even like that it was stable !

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